The Future Of Videos After CES 2015
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One more CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is more than a week behind us and although there was no real revolution in tech after it’s finished, it brought more than a few exciting evolutions of already existing technologies. For people in video publishing business like us, the good news on CES is that there is, and will be in the future, a helluva lot more screens in the world, to watch your content on.

Big smartphone screens, 2K tablet screens, thin-as-a-paper-laptop retina screens, curved giant quantum dot technologies for TVs, 4K screens, heck, even the smart watches started to emerge all around on CES with their tiny screens and suddenly watching videos on your wrist is not a James Bond thing anymore.

Smart Watches haven’t found its clear purpose just yet, for broad audience at least, but that will change as more and more companies started to come up with their own vision of computer on a wrist and start adding more innovations.

The Internet of Things (IoT) was a buzz word throughout the CES 2015 and for good reason too. Biggest companies presented their view of the near future in compelling products connected to the internet like automated washing machines, smart refrigerators, smart thermostats and such, making smart homes concept one step closer to reality.

What caught our attention on CES, though, is one of the greatest innovations of all, automated cars. At the first glance, it might look like there is no connection to video publishing and truly autonomous cars. If you really think through it, besides eliminating car accidents and dealing with one of the biggest causes of stress, what would automated cars also bring to the modern man?  Much more free time to enjoy all those videos on your way to the office or a road trip, of course. Just imagine that your day starts, not by accumulating stress in traffic but by checking all the new videos uploaded to your favorite website. Around one hour was the average time needed for Americans to get to their offices in 2013 and how much better and productive could they all be if they could use that time to relax or to learn something from watching videos?

“Autonomous driving will give people in the car entirely new opportunities to spend their precious time,” 
Dieter Zetsche, Mercedes (1)

Some analysts go really optimistically  on this by predicting that this will be the reality very soon.
Analyst Gartner has estimated that by 2020, there will be a quarter of a billion connected vehicles on the road, enabling new in-vehicle services and automated driving capabilities.

As mentioned earlier, screens and videos are already everywhere (and with our will work on almost any device). The only thing that we now need as a society is more time to use them 🙂

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