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November 30, 2016
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Following My Predictions About Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2016, Here's How Things Unraveled

Year in, year out every December gets overcrowded with ‘next year marketing trends’ articles. Yes, I too have joined the hype, after all BridTV is at the forefront of the tech rat race with access to both, new tech achievements and publisher trends. But, let’s change the approach to ‘trends in marketing’ topic this time by discuss what has happened in 2016 first and then, later on, predict 2017 trends.

I’ve made a few spot-on predictions about ‘trends that will dominate in 2016’, here’s how things really panned out.

I've made a few spot-on predictions about #marketing trends that will dominate in 2016, here's how things really panned out. Click To Tweet
At The Core Of Your Website Should Be Effective Content Marketing – True enough. Stats show 88% of marketers today use content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. However, with so much content produced daily people are already drowning in the sheer number of ‘stuff’ produced and quality bar is set high. What’s happening in content marketing right now is really the same thing that happens to every other marketing channel. Over time they get less effective. The solution? Would me saying VIDEO surprise you? Believe it or not, incorporating VIDEO into your content still is somewhat new approach to content marketing, but that’s a topic for another article.

High-quality Content Is The New SEO – Of course it is. Search Engines continue to bring more traffic than any other marketing channel and, to be frank, SEO game did not change that much. YES, Google updated Penguin and it now runs in real time within the main search algorithm. And YES, SEO and SMM (social media marketing) today work together much more than ever before. But at it’s core, SEO is still about index age, website/page authority profile, links, keywords and above all quality of your content.

The World Is Already Social Now You Need To Focus – True even more than I have anticipated. Understanding your targeted audience, their behavior and hangouts has become crucial aspect of anyone’s business. Otherwise you’ll be spending your time and money to dead-end tactics and channels. Excelacom infographic on What Happens in One Internet Minute? can help you grasp the multitude of events and channels you need to go through to find your true prospects (check out the link or click the picture for full version).
Mobile Will Be Everyone’s Window To The World – In October 2016 Worldwide mobile internet usage surpassed desktop for the first time ever. What-more Google officially confirmed that mobile searches surpassed desktop searches in 10 countries, US and Japan among them. So, we got that right but Wearables and Proximity marketing did not take off as much as we hoped. Everyone agreed Wearables under-performed. As far as Proximity marketing, I still believe it is a powerful tool especially in retail business. You’ll just have to wait and see if 2017 will prove me wrong.

Don’t Forget The Power Of Email – With 150 million emails sent every minute you can see potential is still there. Furthermore, latest data shows Email still reigns as most popular B2B customer acquisition channel. And with clear rise of mobile usage you can safely carry on optimizing those newsletters to your mobile audience.
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It All Revolves Around Video“There are only two things we do more than watch video: sleep and work,” said YouTube’s chief business officer Robert Kyncl at CES 2016. “More than five hours a day are spent watching video, and those hours fuel a $200 billion economy.” The latest tech achievements offer exponential growth potential for video. Video content can fit into what you already have planned. Whether you base your business on video ad selling or you are planning on adding video to complement your marketing efforts it still is the best engagement tool marketeers have at their disposal.

Now, over to you!
Generating traffic and leads still is the biggest challenge every marketer faces. Before I take on a challenge laying out what we, at BridTV video platform, see as marketing trends that will rock every marketing strategies in 2017 I’d like to know what has been working for you in 2016 and what are you planning on doing in 2017? Share your thoughts in comment section below.