Facebook’s Updating Immersive Canvas Ads With New Features
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During 2016 Facebook introduced its Canvas ad format to businesses. Basically, Canvas ads are mini-websites hosted on Facebook, that are designed to load quickly on mobile devices, which, of course, makes appealing to anyone who wants improve mobile responsiveness for their business. Now, a few months back we have learned that Facebook invested over $50 million to increase video content.

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Facebook recently uncovered data that Canvas ads indeed turned out to be extremely popular. They’ve confirmed that over 150 years of cumulative view time was spent watching content in Canvas ads via Facebook.  Consequently, the company means to focus on expanding Canvas options.

When Canvas was initially launched, it was only available for Website Clicks and Website Conversions objectives. Now, Canvas is available for a variety of our brand-oriented marketing objectives, including Brand Awareness and Video Views. This means that brand marketers can use Canvas across their range of goals for their campaigns.”

Contrary to that, let’s next-gen video formats and Facebook blocks the ad blockers.

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