Facebook Video Practice Changes
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These days it seems inconceivable to make a proper digital marketing strategy without the inclusion of video. What more it seams impossible to use, be present at, just one channel. We’ve had a nice inforaphic explaining just why your video marketing strategy needs YouTube, Facebook and a third party video platform such as BridTV. Since your business us spread across multiple platforms it’s tough sometimes playing along all the changes each individual platform is pushing. Just as example, on Monday we’ve talked about different treatment of video views each platform has.
Today we’ll be talking about changes Facebook made to their video practices and share two interesting posts.

First one is dealing with the length of video content. TechTimes.com reports Facebook is forcing long video form giving those videos, that are longer in length, better exposure.
Second article, from StreamingMedia.com, reports Facebook is experimenting with showing Mid-Roll ads after the 20-second mark. What that means for publishers and how will that play out for both, Facebook and publishers, still remains to be seen.

Read more: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/194658/20170127/facebook-gives-longer-videos-better-chances-of-ranking-high-on-your-news-feed.htm

Read more: http://www.streamingmedia.com/Articles/News/Online-Video-News/Facebook-Will-Show-Mid-Roll-Ads-After-the-20-Second-Mark-115668.aspx

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