Facebook Trying Streaming Videos to TV Via Apple’s AirPlay, Google’s Chromecast
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So, how do you dominate the current online video market? Simple. First you grab yourselves some mega traffic – yep, Facebook sure has that. Thanks to it ever-rising user base, the leading social network site now boasts 16 million videos uploaded directly to Facebook in June 2016. Utilizing its live video and auto-play Facebook has completely conquered mobile device screens and, according to recent reports, the site is gearing towards being a dominate force on the big screen in users’ living rooms.

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Of course, it all ultimately goes back to the autoplay feature, which is clearly a system many online platforms are adopting these days and so is BridTV, especially when it comes to mobile. At any rate, Facebook’s latest venture denotes testing the ability for people to stream videos — including live ones — to their TVs that are connected to an Apple TV or Google Chromecast. This has been confirmed on Monday by a Facebook spokesperson.

“We’re currently testing updates to the Facebook app that provide better support for streaming videos from the app to your TV via AirPlay and Chromecast,” the spokesperson said.

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