Facebook Barely Surpasses YouTube In Super Bowl Ad Video Views
by | Feb 4, 2016 | Video Industry News | No Comments

iSpot.tv stats show Super Bowl ads and teaser videos are being watched slightly more on Facebook than on YouTube this year. According to views counted on Tuesday, there have been spotted 75 million Super Bowl ad video views on Facebook, compared to 74.9 million on YouTube. It’s not the first time Facebook and YouTube are struggling over video view results. The struggle occurred over last year’s Super Bowl video view results as well. According to Visible Measures shared data, Facebook stated that it had earned 25% of all Super Bowl commercial views online but only two days later, YouTube stated to be still on the top when it comes to Super Bowl commercial viewing online, and that time spent watching Super Bowl ads on YouTube had surpassed all of the previous year’s results. The explanation of these results lies in the different ways how video views are being counted. Facebook counts a view after a user watches at least 3 seconds of video, and YouTube counts the views after “around” 30 seconds.

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