Facebook As An Already Big Part of Online Video Marketing!
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Facebook started as a social platform that was intended to serve people mostly for connecting with friends and families, catching up with the distant relatives and sharing the common life stories. Very fast it grew up to be much more than a simple way of connection and its news feed started to evolve into a very complex tool for many media offerings.

From pictures, news, articles, and videos, people seem to share almost everything on Facebook (more of that here). Videos were an especially strong part of Facebook in 2014 and everything implies that 2015 will be even stronger in the video department.

Sharing videos on Facebook is usually very easy (in the case of Brid.tv player it’s a couple of clicks away easy) and is a great way to show your interest and personality to your close or not so close friends. Some sources claim that Facebook’s News Feed video viewing is up by 360% in the past year only, 75% more clips per user are uploaded to the social network compared to early 2014. It sounds dramatic, but the increase is mostly due to the auto-play feature that Facebook recently implemented, triggering videos to start playing by user scrolling down through the news feed.

Regardless of whether this will become a new way of enjoying online videos in the future, the fact is that video is being shared and watched more and more on Facebook and it even approaches Youtube video views per day. Facebook recently confirmed that almost 50% of their users watch 1 video per day on average and that 65% view it on mobile devices. Having an already strong social interaction, it is reasonable to consider Facebook as a new player in town in online video marketing and publishing, side by side with Youtube in the near future.


“Facebook will shake up the video ecosystem. Facebook introduced its much-anticipated video advertising stream at the end of 2013.It means that rather than just embeddable videos, brands can now place auto-play ads directly into users’ news feeds.” – Sarah Wood, Unruly (Marketing Magazine)

Still, the question remains, with Facebook becoming the new giant in video publishing, if the user and especially publishers, need that many video platforms to upload  their videos and is it really the best way to earn money from video. One overall great video platform which offers monetization options and where content can be easily shared to many different social medias happens to be our platform – Brid.tv (shameless plug ends :).

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