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Video Converts Better
February 3, 2016
Introducing Our Newest Online Video Player Update Brid.Tv 3.0!
February 16, 2016

Explainer vs Demo video

Third of the three-part series blog post aims to describe the difference between Explained and Demo videos when being used as a marketing tool.
When you involve video into your marketing strategy, you are looking for tips that will get you started with creating a proper video content. Like any form of marketing, video is constantly changing, and as consumer expectations are shifting, your videos need to adapt to this as well. Video content currently accounts for 87% of online content such as blogs and articles. Given such a huge amount how do you make your video stand out from the crowd? It has to be attractive, engaging, interesting enough but informative as well, and wrapped up in a proper form, that will be easily consumable for your customers and future prospects.

Choose The Right Type Of  Video

In order for your businesses to truly stand out, content  needs to engage viewers  from the start. Most people don’t have the time or the patience to go through copious amounts of digital material in order to find out what’s your company all about. That is why video content is the most suitable way to deliver information about your company or a service. The message can be told in a catchy and interesting way, and it a short time frame.
Marketers are free to create different types of videos to keep their publishing schedule interesting.  But eventually, they need to choose one type of video content that will stand out, and present it to their customers on their homepage as the most relevant content.
It’s advisable to be a targeted content, with a clear message. Show your audience how to do something with your video. One of the most frequented types of video content used for that purpose are Explained and Demo videos. So what is the difference between them?

Demo Videos

Demo videos explain to prospects or customers how to accomplish something with your product. It is a video representation that details the goals you can deliver in a creative way. Consumers usually won’t bother reading through a text that takes more than 2 minutes to make sense. Demo video can bridge that gap offering a lot more information in a shorter period of time.#Demo videos explain to prospects or customers how to accomplish something with your product. Click To Tweet How short? Well, depends on your service/product but up to 2 minutes should be more than enough to show your customers just what are you or your product, all about. As for the distribution, having a shareable demo video on your website is a must, but it’s not that bad of an idea to have them on YouTube as well, since many users search YouTube for information on products and services.

Explainer Videos

In its core, explainer videos show how your product or service solves a problem. The aim is to educate customers. They do have to explain how will customers benefit from using it and/or what’s the proper use of it. Typically explainer video is more detailed than a demo video. As for the length, it should be a minute or two long, if you want to keep your viewers engaged till the end of it. Distribution? Web site, of course, also YouTube sees the rise in ‘how to…’ searches so having your video there as well is a smart thing to do. #Explainer videos show how your product or service solves a problem. The aim is to educate customers. Click To TweetUnlike demo videos explainer videos offer you much more in terms of naming/title/description keywording etc videos so you can cover much more topics/keywords with just one video. In general Explainer videos are more affordable than Demo videos, and they can bring better results even with low production budgets.

Which Is Better?

if you don't know which type of #video to go for, think about your #content first Click To Tweet
Both can be effective depending on the use. Since content is an essential aspect in every marketing strategy today, before answering the questions which  type is better, you really should be asking yourselves what is the content about, what are its goals, for who are you creating the content, and what are your budget limits?
And do you really need to explain what you’re offering? If our potential customers are people familiar with you and/or your product, then the answer is no. But if the product offers something new, then explainer video should be your choice. Finally, if you are talking about a product that is well-known to your audience, and you want to increase sales and explain the usage of the product then Demo video is the way to go.
Basically, it depends on your needs and your marketing goals. So, if you don’t know which type of video to go for, think about your content first.

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