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June 30, 2015
The Power of Emotion in Video Marketing
July 10, 2015

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Video in Your Content Marketing Plan

Though internet started out as a text-heavy medium, it quickly becoming a visual medium and according to Cisco, online video domination will continue as 80% of all online content will be video by 2019. If you’re a marketing or brand leader, you are aware nowadays that words alone aren’t enough to keep customers engaged, as it’s been proven that video content combines four elements that humans are wired to pay attention to: faces, voices, body language and movement. We are here to help you out with our top do’s and don’ts techniques for creating killer video content.

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Do create an interesting script

With a boring script you can lose your audience’s attention in a second. People don’t care about your company’s history, they care about their own problems and what you can do to solve them. Your content should give your viewers something useful to take away. While creating your corporate video, consider your target audience and include the most important points that would interest your audience. Here are a few questions you need to answer in your script: What does your company do? What product or service are you selling? How can this product or service help your audience?

Don’t make it too informative

It’s important that the video does not contain too much information about your company, that could confuse your audience. A lengthy video stuffed with too much information will prove to be unsuccessful and ineffective with customers.Your video needs to contain the most important points about your company.

Don’t make it too long

Studies have shown that audience engagement drops after 30 seconds, particularly if customers are not familiar with your brand. The aim is to make a maximum impact in a minimum amount of time. Keep it short and simple.

Don’t use just YouTube to embed your videos

Many businesses usually just embed their YouTube videos onto their website, but they should be aware that using third party video hosting services could serve as a better and more effective solution.
Some improvements include:

  • Custom player implementations
  • Branded looks
  • Additional backlink and shared content options
  • Custom SEO embed code which influences your own site instead of YouTube
  • Custom monetization options

Do encourage people to take action

While creating your video content you need to make sure it all includes a clear call to action. For example close your blog posts with a question that will evoke a comment, or even better a group discussion about the subject. If you get positive feedback from your customers about any particular aspect of the visual content, you can use it in the next campaign. Remind your customers to sign up for your emails and send them free content and all updates and news about you service.

Do share your video content

Make sure you’re thinking about how to get your content out into the world. After embedding a  branded video player into your webpage make sure to use all of your social media profiles to promote your video content.

Do pay attention to storytelling

Storytelling is an essential content marketing technique that has a crucial place in a content marketing strategy and should be the mission of any video. Especially, because it can impact the heart and soul of your potential customer.

Do brand your video content

When embedding your videos on your web page, use our online video player to brand your video content. You can chose between many professionally made player skins on our platform and decide which one would be the best fit for your web page to bring something new and creative to your website or your social channels. With, you can share a fully customized player skin design for a video on Facebook and Twitter. Tailored for different content categories like gaming, movies, sports and women, these skins are fun, look great and most importantly, they are completely free!

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