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Async Embed Code Support for BridTV Video Player and Outstream Units
December 20, 2017
HTML5 Video Player Comparison
January 11, 2018

Get Your Video Player Ready For Christmas

Globally by 2020, video traffic will reach 3 times the 2015 traffic and 75% of mobile traffic will be video. As the popularity of video content continues to grow, it’s more important than ever for marketers to develop an engaging video marketing strategy to capitalize on the power of the ever-growing video content phenomenon. No better time to utilize your video marketing than Christmas.

Last year #BridTV #videoplatform stats showed that websites which have used our intelligent sites skinning option have experienced a rise in click-through rates (engagement) of 30% on average. Click To Tweet

So far, Spending Is Strong

USA E-commerce holiday sales already surprised previous years. What’s more, online spending is expected to exceed in-store spending for the first time.

USA-ecommerce-holiday-salesSource: E-commerce Holiday Sales rising in 2015 & 2016

Year in and year out websites have 10 days between the 12th and the 22nd to exploit their rise in traffic due to Christmas holidays. Unsurprisingly, video is labeled as one of the top engagement tools by most retailers. People are turning to videos before a purchase to help them look for advice, inspiration, and/or product reviews even more so than in previous years.
Video Player Customization

Customize Your Video Player

With video clearly affecting most of the consumers’ purchasing decisions, keeping them occupied for few more seconds can significantly help enhance your reach and conversion. While engaging content is what keeps your customers busy, having a video player skin can help boost your brand visibility even more.
Last year our video platform stats showed that websites, which have used our intelligent sites skinning option for their player (either one of 33 pre-made skins we offer or customized skin to their liking) have experienced a rise in click-through rates (engagement) of 30% on average. What’s more, 80% of BridTV users are saying that a customized video player improved their branding and engagement!
If you haven’t done it already, get your business ready for Christmas 2017. Hopefully, you already know your audience and their habits. Avoid the biggest problems with content marketing, improve your video SEO and practice one of these online video marketing lessons to make the best out of your Christmas traffic.

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