Video Project Ideas to Engage Students in the Classroom
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Creative Video Project Ideas to Engage Your Students

video project ideas

Teachers and students are officially back to school in many countries around the world. Shorter classes, fewer pupils, and social distancing are now the new normal in educational institutions. Some schools, however, opted for online learning because of COVID-19, which meant that students would open their laptops instead of boarding buses to get educated. In either case, teachers won’t have it easy, and will probably need some video project ideas. Why?

Students have short attention spans, so keeping them focused will be difficult during in-person or remote classes. Thankfully, there is one tool teachers can utilize to engage their students while they are tutoring them in the classroom or remotely — video.

Video is a sure-fire way to keep your students interested in any topic you’re covering. In fact, one research found that 99% of educational institutions incorporate videos in the classroom. The high percentage isn’t surprising to us. After all, video increases student motivation, enhances learning experience, and holds student’s attention.

Regardless of whether you’re teaching in-person or remotely, this medium is there for you. Wondering how you can use it? We’ve prepared some interesting video project ideas that can help you engage students and facilitate their learning process in our blog post.

Here’s how you can captivate students by way of video.

Video Book Report

We live in the digital era. More than 4 billion people around the world use the internet today, your students included. With social media, games, and streaming services being one click away, it can be difficult to get your class to read a book with enthusiasm. But you can transform their reluctance into eagerness by adding video to the mix.

Don’t make them write traditional written book reports — ask them to create videos to talk about the books they’re reading. Students can describe plots, characters, conflicts, themes, and settings. But tell them not to give away the ending!

You can ask each student to describe a different book, in which case these videos can serve as book trailers. Once everyone submits their trailers, you can share them with the whole class. As a result, every student will get book recommendations and discover new titles.

These video book reports don’t need to be high-quality productions, and you should stress this to your students. Their participation in the video project is enough.

Let’s see what other video project ideas we have in store for you.

Vocabulary Flash Cards

Students learn a new word in every class they are attending. Some of these words are important terms they need to know to better understand what you’re teaching.

So, it would be wrong to mention a new word without explaining its meaning to the class. Before a lesson starts, go over your notes and determine which terms may sound foreign to your students. Explain their meanings by way of video if you want your students to pay attention!

Trust us, students will be impressed with your video project ideas because they facilitate learning. And this particular idea goes both ways. Namely, the students can make vocabulary videos as well. While creating this video, they will connect with key terms and adopt them easily. After all, learning through fun activities produces the best results.

Students can share their vocabulary videos with the whole class, allowing them to learn from each other.

Class Announcements

You can even take announcements to the next level with the help of video.

It’s inevitable that you’ll have some important news to share with your class. You can post announcements on any of the online teaching tools you’re using. However, if you want to make these announcements more memorable, share them by way of video. It’s proven that people retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video.

Create video class announcements to remind your students of due dates or assignments they need to submit. These clips can be simple, but effective enough to ensure your students will remember the message you wish to convey.

Aside from reminding the class of due dates or assignments, you can also share birthdays with your students. We’re sure that your pupils will appreciate getting a warm message from their peers on their special day.

Of course, you can use this and other video project ideas in any way you want. You don’t need to limit yourself to due dates, assignments, or birthdays. 

Post the video and notify the students they need to watch it.

How-To Video

Most internet users will tell you that they love video because it’s one of the most versatile mediums in the world. They can watch different types of videos and never get bored of them. One format is especially popular on the web — how-to videos.

How-to videos give you a chance to teach your students easily and effectively. You present a clear set of steps they need to follow in order to accomplish a task. Once the video ends, the students take those same steps and you succeed at teaching them what you wanted. That’s why you need to consider how-to videos as one of your video project ideas.

Use this video type to explain how students can do a project. In addition to that, you can reveal some helpful know-how to them that can come in handy during an assignment. Tutorials are especially suitable for the following things:

  • Exercise routines for gym class,
  • Simple wellness videos,
  • At-home art projects,
  • Or science projects.

The video project ideas we’ve mentioned so far can help you in any situation or with any task you create for your students.

Record News

Our video project ideas are suitable for all educational institutions, but this one is particularly aimed at high school students. You can ask them to film a news broadcast and leave it to them to choose which event they will cover. By researching the news, they have a chance to learn about their country and the rest of the world.

This could be a group project where every student has a certain role. They can be anchors, sports reporters, entertainment correspondents, or weather reporters. In this way, everyone has a chance to participate and get involved. So, don’t always ask your students to write traditional essays — think outside the box. By giving them creative assignments, you will have their full attention and cooperation.

Use the full power of video and transform your classroom into a learning community. In fact, 90% of teachers say videos play a critical role in education. Therefore, rely on these video project ideas and start engaging your students!

Need a Video Platform?

More than 80% of teachers say that their teaching experience is enhanced with video use. They are able to teach new lessons easily and more effectively because students pay attention to videos. After all, this medium is popular around the world. In fact, 55% of people watch it every day. And online videos are especially favored by younger generations, most of whom are your students.

They spend hours on social media where they like, comment, and share videos. Gen Z-ers mostly devote their attention to TikTok where videos take center stage. Now, we’re not saying that you need to bust a move to engage your students — just utilize videos for learning purposes. Rely on our video project ideas to create the best learning experience.

Once you and your students start making video projects, you will need a platform where you will host and manage these clips. We have just what you’re looking for at Brid.TV! Our video platform enables you to post videos and share them with your selected audience. Track video analytics and always know how many students have watched your videos.

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