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May 22, 2015
How To Set Up Brid's YouTube Syndication
May 27, 2015

Create And Manage Your Video Playlists via

Playlists represent an important part of any video implementation and are often the main feature of a viewing experience. BridTv offers both our Standard and Premium Partners a full content management solution for your video library which includes playlist creation. BridTv offers two main types of playlists: dynamic playlists and user-created playlists. See below how Brid manages playlists for you.

User-created playlists

User-created playlists are static playlists that allow the user to add any video in their video library and organize them in a playlist which suits their need. Here’s how you can create a playlist:

  1. Navigate to your PLAYLISTS section on the top menu.pl12
  2. Click on the ADD PLAYLIST button.
  3. Your entire video library will appear, now just select a video you want to add and click on the ADD TO PLAYLIST button.add to playlistswds
  4. Enter a title best suited for your playlist.
  5. Your new playlist will now appear in your list.

If you want to change the order of the videos, our platform provides you the option to rearrange video items inside a playlist by dragging and dropping them in their appropriate order.

What are Dynamic playlists?

Content that is loaded into the player can be displayed as a dynamic playlist. Dynamic playlists are created for every account by default. They grow with your video library and update automatically. If you want to create a dynamic playlist via you need to log in to the Brid content management system and select a Dynamic playlists option.pl12
We offer you different options to choose when it comes to playing your next video from your video library. For example, you may want a playlist that displays all media with a particular tag, under a specific category or just your latest videos under your account.
You can create three types of Dynamic playlists:

  1. Latest videos on site – always returns a feed of your latest added videos under your account
  2. Latest videos by tag – always returns a feed of your videos which match your custom entered tag
  3. Latest videos by category – always returns a feed of your latest videos which are categorized under the selected category

dynamicv pl113232
Additionally, the playlist section makes it easy to embed videos using your branded player. Hope you’ll enjoy your playlist possibilities with

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