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July 17, 2016
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Cool Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Pokemon GO


You have no doubt noticed that there is something out there called Pokemon GO. The game launched on July 6 this year and here’s how the stats breakdown now: 4.3 million (iOS) + 5.25 million (Android) = 9.55 million total daily U.S. users for Pokémon GO. Anyway, here’s why we think are the most useful marketing formulas utilized by the creators of the game, and marketing lessons that can be learned from this global phenomenon.

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Giving People A Sense of Progress

Before you start digging into the phenomenon of Pokemon Go, seeking some sort of ultimate marketing formula or pitch you should know that Pokemon Go is, in fact, still just a video game. Yes, it’s augmented reality and casual game for mobile devices, but nonetheless just a game. This means that it follows the basic format most great games have, which, above all else, is giving users a sense of achievement. So, yeah this means that the more you keep at it, the better you’ll be and the game itself becomes more fun and more fulfilling.

Pokemon is Also About Socializing

Getting into the whole Pokemon Go hype means you’ll be connecting and potentially socializing with other people who are actively playing. In short, you can run into and interact with actual people while playing. That stuff alone is amazing. So, while you’re in-game on your mobile device, you are also seeing others in real life. You discover stuff together, cooperation and exchange your experiences.

Pokemon Uses Powerful Nostalgia

Another cunning choice was to incorporate nostalgic elements into their product Pokemon GO. Bear in mind that nostalgia can also backfire if it’s not done the right way. Still, the fact remains that people are frequently drawn to something if it seems or at least feels familiar to something they’ve liked and enjoyed so much in the past.
So, here are the main nostalgic factors that were very much a part of the Pokémon GO experience and were also essential to the success of the product:

  • Adults could connect to the game because of they could trade Pokémon cards
  • Competing agaist each other on their old Gameboy Colors
  • Waking up and the first thing you do is, watch a new episode of Ash and Pikachu’s adventures

Development studio Niantic quite simply revived those lovely warm childhood memories that so many people have and with Pokémon GO, they’ve created a product that brings that dream one step closer to reality.

Evolving the Pokemon Brand to Match Modern Tastes

While heavy on nostalgia, that doesn’t mean Pokemon Go isn’t constructed to appear to modern-day crowds. You will notice that this was a business endeavor, and like any modern-day business endeavor, certain steps were taken to produce and repurpose assets into fresh ones. This enabled to company to appeal to both older and younger audiences, which meant the majority of their demographic was successfully covered. The accent though, still remained on familiar assets, which ensured greater and faster success.

Coming Back to the Game and Relating to the World

In addition to all of that the crucial fact is that this is not just another ordinary game or app for mobile devices, but an AR (Augmented Reality) title that has numerous geolocation features.

  1. Cool characterization: Professor Willow asks “Will you help me with my research?”
  2. Real-world stuff but still a game: The area you visit in real life has local landmarks and that takes on a new meaning with Pokemon Go, cute creatures appear and you unlock awards, so it always feels like an adventure.

Where to GO Next 

Pokemon GO has shaked the modern-day world of entertainment. While heavily influencing the marketing scene, it also brought an endless amount of creative content from people all around the world, including thousands of videos related to the game. That’s right, Pokeman GO videos are hot these days and you can check those out on both Facebook and YouTube. However, take the time to also consider branding your websites/product with brandable players such as BridTV, which offers a rich variety of social sharing options and might be the perfect choice for your exclusive viral videos.