BridTV Android SDK – Google Certified
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Android SDK

BridTV has come a long way and has just expanded its vast array of features by including an Android SDK (Google Certified). We’re constantly stepping up our game, giving our video technology plenty of room to evolve, so we can unlock even more outstanding features for publishers.

You can now fully utilize our Brid player and all its monetization options inside your Android app all with the assurance that it has been certified by Google, so you have no worries in running your Google ad stack through the player.


Video Analytics 101: Understanding Ad Performance With Detailed Error Reporting
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video analytics

Online video advertising has become an increasingly competitive playing field. Mind you, it is also highly lucrative business, should you play your cards right. Getting ahead in the online video market right now means you’re already fighting an uphill battle. Just know that you can make it through any battle if you are well-equipped.

Your adversaries are most likely angling for the same thing you are, so how do you beat them? To have the edge over the competition, it’s vital to know exactly how to use video, because that’s the fastest way to reach audiences these days.


BridTV: The Native Prebid Video Player
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For quite some time now, BridTV has offered a variety of solutions and features for that give publishers an opportunity to monetize their videos. Widening the specter of opportunities with new and improved technologies, we are able to go beyond the norm once more.

With the latest effort of our dev team, we have incorporated a all-new handy, and seamless solution, that kicks Header Bidding into high gear, inevitably leading publishers to better fill rates and more. However, before we head into the core of the matter, let’s get the basics out of the way first.


Video Monetization Streamlined With Content Matching
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Content matching with BridTVOptimizing content for your website is usually a technically demanding and time-consuming endeavor. Our core tech team is working around the clock on a variety of solutions to streamline content management, and simultaneously improve ROI for publishers.

With BridTV content matching publishers can obtain a pretty easy and straightforward system for incorporating videos on their respective pages without having the hassle of everyday content management.

Native Outstream Unit
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Native Outstream Unit

Ads are simultaneously the biggest nuisance for most website visitors and yet they remain the biggest source of revenue for most Internet publishers. Satisfying both sides of the spectrum at the same time may seem like an impossible task. Well, not anymore.

Having a video ad placed in the heart of editorial content is extremely effective because it does not disrupt the user experience.

For ad-supported video businesses, every impression counts. And with the rising complexity of digital advertising publishers are compelled to manage programmatic deals and maximize ad viewability in addition to creating quality content for their audience.


BridTV Video Platform Release 4.0
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BridTV Video Platform Release 4.0

After the release of BridTV Video Player 3.0, which made our player one of the fastest (if not THE FASTEST) video players on the market. Offering groundbreakingly built-in features (BridTV GEO Module) and the release of our White-Label video platform solution has led to the next video platform update, which brings our player to a new level of performance and speed.

Our update was in making for the last few months and our core team has been extremely busy with fine-tuning all the facets of the platform, based on the feedback and requests from publishers. As a result, significant improvements and upgrades were made to the platform and to the video player as well.