Video Advertising, VAST/VPAID Ad Tags and BridTV VAST Inspector Tool

Video Advertising, VAST/VPAID Ad Tags and BridTV VAST Inspector Tool

Video advertising is the fastest expanding area of online marketing today. Cisco reported we can expect video to account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic in 2017 so, if you haven’t already, now is the right time to join the video ad game. But before you get into too deep you need to understand both the capabilities and the limitations of video advertising.

8 Awesome Tips to Improve Video SEO

It never hurts to be reminded even of the most obvious things. We are all well-aware of how much of an impact video content makes these days and for the past few years it has become the chief tool for communication and content sharing. As you strive to make your own mark with video in what has practically become a tremendously competitive B2B environment, you should be focused on getting your stuff out the door
. So, one of the necessary steps is having the following tools: content marketing tools, traffic monitoring tools, social media marketing tools and conversion & lead generation tools. Sadly, no e-business endeavor will be noticed unless you polish your SEO the way it needs to be polished. It takes a bit of work, albeit at the end of it, you’ll be damn-pleased with the results.


HTML5 Video Player Comparison

September 2016 Update: Video and mobile! By now we all know that video is the key way for people to get their kicks on the Internet and video content marketing is here to stay. So, Cisco’s findings have shown that by 2020 video will account for 82 percent of all Internet traffic while mobile traffic will exceed PC and that should not come as a surprise. It should rather come as a warning, if you haven’t joined the video/mobile game already, you should do so immediately.


5 Good Ways To Make A Great Explainer Video

explainer video

TV consumption is going down, and video content is successfully replacing it. Video content is becoming one of the most powerful means of communication. The cost of making a professional video are not as high as they were a decade ago, but it is still more expensive than blogging. All these expenses could pay off if video content is used properly. Marketers are aware of the high return on investment video delivers. They know that videos can be extremely effective for online marketing. But its effectiveness depends on how you create your video content and how you use it in your marketing campaign. (more…)

Top Questions B2B’s Should Be Asking When Creating a Video Marketing Strategy (Infographic)


There is no doubt that the future of B2B marketing/advertising is already here and video plays the most important role in B2B sales and marketing plans in all business spheres today. Simple reason really, ENGAGEMENT and there is no better way to ENGAGE your visitors/viewers/customers than by using video.

We humans are visual animals and video offers us a more immediate experience that triggers an emotional response much faster than a text or even a picture, on which ENGAGEMENT can be exploited.

With so many marketing and advertising channels to choose from today it’s hard to stay on top of things, keep up with the trends and manage multiple channels for your business. Then again not all businesses should follow all the trends. So, how do you tell which marketing road should you take/create for your business?