October 24, 2018

Native Outstream Unit

Ads are simultaneously the biggest nuisance for most website visitors and yet they remain the biggest source of revenue for most Internet publishers. Satisfying both sides of the spectrum at the same time may seem like an impossible task. Well, not anymore. Having a video ad placed in the heart of editorial content is extremely effective because it does not disrupt the user experience. For ad-supported video businesses, every impression counts. And with the rising complexity of digital advertising publishers are compelled to manage programmatic deals and maximize ad viewability in addition to creating quality content for their audience.
October 17, 2018

Video Target Audience: Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers

In the current video advertising landscape, reaching various types of audiences has become an uttermost priority for advertisers. Publishers are now shaping their business models and digital marketing strategies strictly according to the needs of massive audiences. But therein lies the problem. In order to gain traction via video advertising, it’s no longer enough to simply aim the product or ad at a wider audience. Success or profit is now measured by audience reach and user engagement. It makes sense and you certainly don’t have to think twice about it. However, we are living in an age when audiences have […]
October 9, 2018

Advanced Tips to Boost Your Video Ad Revenue

Stepping into the business of online video advertising can be a very daunting task. Based on the latest market research data, video is set to make 80% of Internet traffic by the year 2021. When fighting the fight on the video content marketing, publishers resort to video advertising as their main weapon for maxing out revenue. The only challenge is that growing a business via video advertising involves putting together a lot of pieces in a complex puzzle. However, once you get past all the basics, you will be closer to completing that puzzle.
October 2, 2018
video ad networks

7 Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers & Advertisers

Today a majority of advertisers are turning to services like Google and Facebook as advertising platforms to reach customers. Lately, however, quite a lot of businesses are simply turning to other platforms for their advertising needs. The fact is that there is a considerable amount of ad networks out there that can bring you closer to your financial goals without having to take part in a highly competitive advertising race on Google or Facebook. Moving away from these two giants and switching to other advertising networks eliminates having to deal with heaps of other companies who are competing in the […]
September 24, 2018

Browser and Device Reference

As part of our continuous effort to stay ahead of the curve, here at BridTV we are always pushing ourselves to improve performance. Our video platform is thriving and our user base is growing by the day. In order to ensure enterprise-level quality, we are doing our best to incorporate updates and changes to the technology. However, every move or change we make is done once we’ve established what our users prefer. In other words, we are constantly keeping an eye on the which desktop browsers and mobile Operating Systems are being utilized the most by our clients. Knowing this […]
September 12, 2018

Brand Your Video Player For More Reach and Engagement

When striving to make a mark in the contemporary digital landscape, it’s safe to say that utilizing video is without a doubt the fastest way to engage audiences. Sure, written content and text, in general, is still a pretty powerful tool to get your message out, but it must be said that nowadays people still prefer visual content vs. text. In today’s online world, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising, a majority of businesses just stick with video. Video isn’t just a way to reach an audience, but a powerful means to promote and talk about your brand. […]
August 24, 2018

JW vs Brightcove vs BridTV

The online video scene is like a constantly changing, constantly evolving field where publishers and various business owners keep looking for new ways to break through and make an impact. Finding your own way to success in a market that is overflowing with competition is quite possible and it may be easier than you think. Things may get a bit challenging along the way, that is until you find your bearings. The key thing is to crystalize your objective. When you’re looking to compete on the B2B market, video advertising is the key that opens all doors. It’s probably one […]
July 31, 2018

Fastest And Easiest Ways to Monetize Your Video Content

Hardly any business can be conducted without the use of video content and online video platform of any type these days. In accordance to that, we’ve seen exponential growth in video content marketing, which has now become the chief tool for publishers to get their brands out the door and into the online world. 60% of both B2B and B2C marketers already use video for marketing (OptinMonster) and over 50% of web users look for a video before visiting a store, says Google. With stats like these, it is easy to see that the video form has taken over a majority […]
July 24, 2018

BridTV GEO Module Explained

The very notion of being able to locate and identify website visitors via IP address from the video player is impressive. There are few paid services offering IP geolocation API and a precious little (if any) HTML5 video players out there that can carry this off. Setting up a proper digital marketing strategy is the first step, albeit having a successful and effective ad campaign is the next and most significant step. Imbuing the ad campaign with a video ad tag complete with IP, latitude and/or longitude macros is just the shortcut you were looking for. This is your safest […]