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December 9, 2015
We’ve asked industry people how will video marketing change in 2016
December 16, 2015

Case Study: Fashion/Makeup/HairStyle Videos

Being a girl in a tough world, in a constant rush, it’s hard. To stay in shape all the time, to look your best, and still have the time to do your daily routines. Nowadays beauty websites are the ones that we rely on to help most of us with providing the best beauty tips 24/7. Which got me thinking on what is the state of video in the online beauty industry. The amount of information available to all the Fashion/Makeup/HairStyle fans out there is astonishing. In the past couple of years, interactive features have become an essential part on websites for most beauty brands. Cosmetics and personal brands have discovered the marketing and advertising potential of the visual medium on the internet and the effect it has on user’s engagement, purchase decision and brand loyalty. Online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking services are important tools today for beauty brands to reach the increasingly growing online audiences on a global level. The method that definitely stands out, when it comes to affecting the popularity of beauty websites with visual medium and growing leads, is the use of online beauty- related  videos.
The total number of subscribers of beauty related content on YouTube accounts 123 million while the total number of beauty-related video views on YouTube is 45.3 billion views Click To Tweet
Online video content is one of the most important social media marketing channels for beauty brands. In 2013, there have been 14.9 billion beauty-related video views, and around 9.8 billion of them belonged to makeup videos. Stats show the most popular types of beauty content videos created by beauty vloggers were product reviews and haul videos, followed by tutorials.

The Popularity of Fashion/Makeup/HairStyle Videos

Video marketing software maker Pixability, that researched content creators of beauty-related videos, discovered that the total number of subscribers of beauty related content on YouTube accounts 123 million, while the total number of beauty-related video views on YouTube is 45.3 billion
The most popular beauty related content creator is Michelle Phan. Besides her YouTube channel, Michelle Phan has her own site , which served her as a great tool for building her brand name, sharing her influence, generating leads and reaching out through both her audience whit both textual and visual content.

The Benefits of Beauty- Related Videos

The possibility to share exciting, high-quality content directly on a website opens a realm of promotional possibilities. It’s a powerful way to build brand awareness, increase consumer engagement and customer loyalty. It is a relatively inexpensive way for beauty brands and beauty bloggers to grab the attention of potential prospects and, ultimately, drive direct selling of a beauty/fashion product. Using videos to create an interactive shopping experience already is a tool adopted by many online beauty sites and blogs. Rightfully so as there are multiple benefits to using video:

  • It enables bloggers to showcase their talent and individuality in product/technique presentation.
  • Similarly it enables a brand to showcase its uniqueness, individuality and stand out from the competition
  • Increase awareness of an individual product
  • Generate leads and increase brand popularity, as mentioned before
  • It affects the purchase decision, as the latest stats show 96% of shoppers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online.

An Example Of One Successful Beauty Website

Globally, 3.2 billion people are using the Internet. Therefore, the internet can have an enormous impact on developing one’s business and reaching their target group. According to an Animoto study, 56% of consumers said that if a company has a website, it should feature some video content. The result of the study shows consumers were 4X more interested in watching a product video than reading about that same product.
But enough with the theory, here is a practical example of how a beauty website can profit from their video content. I will try to highlight the benefits of videos from the beginning to end with one of my favorites Refinery29. Refinery29 is a website that delivers fashion and styling tips, beauty tutorials, hair ideas and DIY’s. It all started In 2005 when four friends founded a company with the main goal to help people discover and refine their personal style. Their starting investment was  just $5,000 and now they have 200 employees and publish over 1,800 stories a month. They generate 36 million visits per month with 258 million page views. Finally they have 5.3 million followers between all of their social channels!
Even though the site has lots of textual and video content and offers a variety of topics (fashion, beauty, living health), guess which category is the first on their priority content making list? Video! With YouTube channel that has 154,645 subscribers and accounts for an amazing 18,130,383 views it’s easy to see just how important video is for their business. Think about returning visits from those videos to website and vice versa and the possibility to additionally promote/market products on both of these by referencing either on description or web page.

How Brid Can Help You Out With Your Beauty Blog

beauty blog
Beauty bloggers can earn a lot, especially if they start collaborating with cosmetic and fashion companies. By following the latest fashion/makeup/hairstyle trends they can both generate leads and profit from those companies by promoting their products.
If you are making a beauty blog, or you already have a blog you run with or without WordPress, you need a solid strategy that will help you reach your goals and it’s not just about the content you are going to make but the tools you would be using to maximize your odds at succeeding. is a tool that can help you in some ways.


First of all, is a free online video platform and there are no obligations and legal contracts that will consume your time. And if you run on WorPress with our Video Publishing Plugin you can easily set and quickly start uploading and managing videos from your dashboard.


Use our intelligent skinning solution. Our unique algorithm will analyze your site colors, radius, fonts used, etc. and create an intelligent skin suited for your web page. Or choose from a variety of professional skins that we have if you want to bring something new and creative to your website. This will differ your blog and your video shares from others. It will make the video experience memorable and trendy, and we all know how much being trendy is important for stylish women who are visiting beauty blogs.

Money Earning

What about revenue? Well, our player provides monetization options for your videos so you can monetize your original videos via by loading pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll ads, and overlays. If you have your Youtube channel you can generate additional video revenue on top of your existing one with

Display Fitting

Our player fits all scenarios and has native support for all major platforms, has an extremely fast load time and won’t let your fans hanging, waiting to consume your video content. We all know that women are always in a hurry, but they still need beauty tips wherever they go.

Social Networking

We are all aware of the fact that women spend most of their free time on social networks. Use this to your advantage. Your video is shareable directly through options on your video. It comes as a no-brainer that a great way to gather more fans is by posting your videos on social networks, and by using our skins you can additionally brand your beauty blog and animate your fans. Having in mind the constant domination of Facebook, our Brid team has added support for In-wall Facebook video player display. All our enterprise partners can now embed their branded player directly in a tweet and the player will load and playback directly on Twitter’s message wall.
It all revolves around you giving your fans a unique video experience and inspiring them to visit your blog frequently. You can engage them to share your beauty advice not just because of the quality of your content but the smooth experience as well. So stick a video on your homepage or landing page and engage your audience!

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