Brid Video Platform Update
July 2, 2017
Deliver Stunning Video Experience To Your Facebook Instant Articles Audience
July 10, 2017

Capture Your Audience With Adaptive HLS Streaming

Functionality and straightforwardness should be one of the main goals of every video platform. In an effort to expand and make things even smoother, the BridTV team is constantly working to bring in nifty new features for the video player and CMS. So, while video marketing trends are rapidly changing, and with clients constantly requesting valuable video content, our aim is to answer those requests and more.
The BridTV player is constantly being fine-tuned and improved, and is currently introducing a cool new facet – adaptive HLS streaming support for videos uploaded and encoded by Brid.

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Adaptive streaming is a slick new ability which allows the video player to dynamically adjust video quality based on a user’s available bandwidth, device performance, and network conditions. Adaptive playback comes in many formats and protocols and the popularity of each format has changed over the years.
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Starting today BridTV is going to encode your files in HLS format in addition to other formats that are already supported. Flash is gradually becoming obsolete and an altogether outdated tech that’s being shunned by more and more browsers, this was our opportunity for HLS as a format to shine.
Streaming over HTTP allows a video player to choose the best quality video without proprietary software installed on a server. Video content exists on normal web servers and a video player is able to request assets by reading a manifest. The manifest provides the locations to various video qualities or renditions on the web server and contains information about the codecs used to compress the video and bitrates which allow the player to determine the most suitable quality to play.
So, whether you’re setting up your very gaming own gaming channel or looking to make a mark on the busy video content marketing scene, adaptive HLS streaming is the way to go and will surely help you stay on top in a highly competitive B2B environment.