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Brid.TV — The Best JW Player Alternative

If you are looking for the best alternative to JW Player, you’re in the right place! And even if migrating is not on your mind, you might just have a change of heart by the end of this section!

Brid.TV vs. JW Player — Enjoy All the Benefits of a High-End Video Platform and Monetization Solution

Moving from a high-end video platform such as JW Player would be foolish if you had to settle for anything less. That is definitely not the case. Brid.TV offers all the industry-standard features you might need as a publisher or an advertiser.

Player Features
Advertising Features
HTML5 Video PlayerGoogle IMA SDK Integration
HLS Adaptive StreamingVAST & VPAID Advertising
HD EncodingOutstream Ads
Real-Time Video & Engagement AnalyticsHeader Bidding
Social SyndicationAd Waterfalling
Android & iOS SDKsAd Pods
Player CustomizationIntelligent Banner Fallback
Live StreamingExtensive Macro Support
Audio SupportVAST Audio Ads

Aside from all the above, Brid.TV’s lightweight player is lightning-fast and will put minimal strain on your website! That will come particularly in handy for video-heavy websites looking to improve their site’s performance, as Brid.TV’s player outperforms JW in the speed department.

Don’t take our word for it — see it for yourselves! We’ve done several comparative speed tests versus JW Player, and here are the results:

As you can see, if your priority is to maximize your site’s speed, Brid.TV’s player outperforms JW both with and without ads and prebidding.

But having a faster player is not the most notable reason you should opt for Brid.TV over JW Player. It’s that with us, you can get more for less!

Higher Limits for Lower Cost

Brid.TV’s plans offer higher limits for a lower cost. So if you are on a budget or are just looking for a cheaper alternative, you’re in luck!

Free PlanBrid.TVJW Player
Video Plays100,0005,000
Time LimitX1 month
Essentials / Starter PlanBrid.TVJW Player
Video Plays150,00050,000

As you can see, our free plan lets you take your time to get to know the ins and outs of our platform and features and offers 20 times more content plays! And you can even monetize while you’re at it, as you will enjoy 50k impressions for no cost!

Although our Essentials plan is a bit pricier, it gives so much more value for your money! With three times as many content plays and 50k impressions, you won’t find a better bang for your buck anywhere!

But we have an even better deal for those in need of higher limits!

Business PlanBrid.TVJW Player
Video Plays500,000+n/a
Premium / Enterprise PlanBrid.TVJW Player
Bandwithpay as you gopay as you go
Video Playsunlimitedpay as you go
Impressionsunlimitedpay as you go
Encodingunlimitedpay as you go

We understand that not everyone has large enough audiences to warrant a custom subscription plan, which is why our Business plan is the perfect choice for all such publishers! This plan offers higher limits and an abundance of player and monetization features at an affordable price! This additional flexibility is an option JW Player doesn’t offer!

But now we come to the best part!

If you’re looking for a JW Player alternative, you’ll likely be interested in our premium plan. Unlike JW Player’s Enterprise plan, we don’t impose any limits on our Premium plan. Not just that, but we understand the value of convenience. That is why at Brid.TV, you only pay for the bandwidth you use! You won’t need to monitor multiple different variables anymore, such as impressions, streaming, or hosting, as all of those are unlimited.

Does this tickle your fancy?

Why not try our Premium plan for free? No strings attached.

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What’s Unique About Brid.TV?

We don’t call ourselves the best JW Player alternative for our prices only. Let us introduce you to two excellent reasons Brid.TV trumps JW Player:

White-Label Video Platform

We at Brid.TV understand the value of branding and having control over your content. That is why we offer all our publishers a fully white-label video platform! At Brid.TV, you can customize and brand your video player to your liking, enjoy a stable built-in infrastructure, and manage your content through a user-friendly CMS. Enjoy many other benefits of Brid.TV’s white-label solution with our cloud hosting & CDN, brandable domains, in-depth analytics, and powerful monetization solutions.

White-Label Platform

Brid.TV Marketplace

Brid.TV Marketplace can take your monetization efforts to the next level! This feature is our very own ad backfill system that can help you maximize your ad fill rate. What Brid.TV Marketplace does is serve as a backup when your ad demand comes up empty. That way, you can minimize missed monetization opportunities! And even if you don’t have your own ad stack, our Brid.TV Marketplace can take care of all of your monetization for you!

Brid.TV Marketplace

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