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Unblock VAST and VPAID 2.0 Video Ad Revenue With AdIQ
September 20, 2017
Introducing BridTV’s Real-Time Video Analytics
October 2, 2017

BridTV Video Platform Release ver. 3.8

Months of work finally paid off. We’ve released the 3.8 update, which is a huge step forward for the BridTV video player level, as well as the BridTV platform overall. The update was developed based on publisher feedback and trends in online video industry. We’ve completely overhauled our analytics, focusing on the real time overview of your bandwidth consumption, ad request, ad impressions and video display. With each pricing plan we offer fast data reading and easy insight. What you’ll have is more than enough to keep you well informed.
But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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Here’s what we’ve been doing for the past couple of months:


  1. Real time analytics. We’ve added a completely new real time analytics system and dashboard that spans almost all functionality that our system provides. The moment you login, you’ll be greeted with our new dashboard where you will get a brief overview of your bandwidth consumption, ad request, ad impressions and video display. The best part is all data is in real time.
  2. Live images support. From today, if you let Brid encode your videos, we will create what we call live images of your video that can be used in place of a snapshot. These live images will show a short 5 second preview of your video when a user mouses over your player instead of a screenshot. This, of course, is optional.
  3. Player level volume start. This was a popular demand from a lot of our publishers. Our video player now has an added option to select a specific start volume of when the playback kicks off. Setting this value to 0 will set your player to start muted.
  4. Inslide ad units direction. We’ve been tweaking our ad units, so now you can select the slide in the direction of our inslide ad units and also choose any of the 4 corners of the screen.
  5. Stay-in-view mobile customization. Added a configurable size for the stay-in-view option on mobile devices so you can precisely configure its width on mobile.
  6. Tags edit option. Added a quick edit option for tags on the video list. You don’t need to edit a video anymore to edit its tags.
  7. Brid Video Easy Publish WordPres plugin update. A new WordPress plugin version has been released to accommodate all changes on the platform and add some bug fixes.
  8. CMS re-design. Last but not the least is the complete re-design of the Brid CMS. We hope you like it!


  1. VPAID ad waterfall errors. If you use the Brid SDK for ad display, we’ve added an option for the player to properly ignore certain errors in a multiple VPAID ad waterfall so that if a previous tag errors out, the player will continue down your set ad waterfall.
  2. Ad units now open on impression. Both the in-slide and in-content ad units now open on impression and not on ad start. This will prevent the unit to sometimes open up when a VPAID ad starts loading and doesn’t return an ad.
  3. Custom sound volume. Added support for custom sound volume start.
  4. Iframe bust out. Added support for all ad units to properly bust out of friendly iframes.
  5. Chrome mobile browser autoplay workaround. Added an autoplay workaround for the chrome mobile browser that have its data saver enabled.
  6. Playlist widget display change. Changed the display of our playlist widgets on mobile to render as a normal player and also added the option to force a playlist widget to load its desktop look on mobile as well.
  7. Live images on player level. Added live images support to the player.
  8. Audio files support. Expanded support for playback of MP3 audio files.
  9. Outstream unit scroll fix. Fixed premature closure of in-content outstream units when a user would scroll while an ad is still loading.
  10. Analytics. Added support for the new Brid realtime analytics system.
  11. Macros support. Added support for the following macros [latitude], [longitude], [user_ip], [dnt] and [page_url]. Some of them are only available on our paid plans.

The fast-paced online video industry is always changing. Staying a step ahead of the competitors is what helps our publishers get more revenue with us than with others. This was one of our goals when releasing the 3.8 update.
Interested in creating an Premium BridTV account to get all the top platform features? Please contact us here.

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