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Online Videos: B2B's Most Powerful Tool for Content Marketing
August 30, 2016
Reaching Millennials Through Esports And Video Streaming
September 16, 2016

BridTV Spearheads New Online Video Tech, Publishers Monetizing Faster Than Ever

BridTV – Faster. Reliable. Easy-to-Use.

Something’s cooking at Brid.TV. After months of hard work and preparation we are gearing up to take the online video market by storm. Brid.TV is ready to push the boundaries with newly incorporated VPAID (Video Player Ad-Serving Interface Definition) tech, thanks to which publishers will be able to drive higher ad revenue at a click of a button.

Brid.TV, a leading all-device video platform and player company, has now added support for the autoplaying of third party VPAID 2.0 templates on all mobile devices including all iOS devices, which was not previously possible. Watch this new tech in action in Brid player below:

Initialize ads

And here’s the ad tag used by the player:[timestamp]&cim=1
This effort singles out BridTV as a top video platform and effectively puts publishers ahead of their competition, so it’s time to hop on that bandwagon. We have already seen a massive response from publishers. Each one of them is thrilled to finally be able to utilize such a welcomed tech.
What’s this new tech all about? The autoplay of VPAID 2.0 creatives on mobile devices and in-page on iOS was not possible… until now. As Brid launches its groundbreaking tech, publishers will reap the benefits and grow their businesses more efficiently by utilizing any ad tag for seamless VPAID 2.0 autoplay on mobile devices.
Let us reemphasize: any VAST/VPAID 2.0 ad tag that you were using up to this point will work with our tech and dramatically increase ad inventory and revenue for your publication by supporting in-page autoplay of pre-rolls on mobile devices.
Tackling Market Inefficiencies
Brid’s latest effort aims to straighten out certain drawbacks that are slowing down publishers’ video advertising endeavors. So, with little to no work at all, publishers are one click away from improving and growing their business through mobile ads. The new feature gives publishers the ability to swiftly accept ads serving from agency ad servers and networks to make the most of it in the process. Once integrated, this system will dramatically decrease cost of creative production, consequently improving business ROI for individual publishers.

Monetization With A Simple Click
Publishers looking to corner the online video market are already turning to us and streamlining their businesses with the help of our platform. Join the ever-growing list of clients who have expanded their business efforts and have improved their ad strategy with BridTV. One of the industry’s leading video platforms now offers a fully automated seamless solution, and all you need is an HTML5 compatible VAST/VPAID 2.0 ad tag and the system will handle the rest.
The brand new tech delivers a practical solution for publishers and, as before, offers autoplay VPAID 2.0 in Google’s Chrome browser, with players smaller than 400×300 (a feature that would otherwise be blocked).

Best of all, it’s super-easy to use.
When the video kicks off in Brid player it launches the publisher’s ad in-page on all mobile devices, hence ad content does not take the entire user screen and is considerably less intrusive. Bear in mind that standard-sized ad units generate significantly more interaction, as such this video ad type is more measurable because more content and more choices are delivered to the consumer. The difference is that now, and thanks to BridTV’s new tech, publishers no longer need to bother with cumbersome technicalities or go through the hassle of extended production time.
This is a win for us and it’s a win for you guys.

We invite you to join the BridTV familly here, chances are your competitors has done so already!

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