BridTV Recognized by Google as Video Technology Partner
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Video technology partner

Following our successful launch in 2018, BridTV has been moving forward at lightning speed. Continued growth allowed us to incorporate a variety of powerful features into our video platform.

As of February 2019, Google has accepted BridTV into their select group of video technology partners, companies verified in having the expertise and capabilities to deliver Google VAST ads to end users.

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Google’s video technology partners are third-party video players that offer platform solutions for Google’s suite of video products:

  • DFP Video
  • AdSense for video
  • AdSense for games
  • Video on the Ad Exchange
  • Games on the Ad Exchange

In a nutshell, BridTv has integrated the latest Google IMA SDKs and we’re ready to support publishers on the new DFP platform.

We are honored to be in the company of brands such as Brightcove, JW Player, Kaltura, and others.

Monetization options via BridTv that are supported with VAST and VPAID standards.
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