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May 20, 2016
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May 24, 2016

BridTV Player Adopting New Streaming Protocols Support (HLS and MPEG-DASH) & New Ad Tag Waterfall Feature For Pre-Rolls

Another day another new feature release for the Brid.Tv player and CMS. As video marketing trends are rapidly changing, and our clients request  for delivering a valuable video content are multiplying, we decided to stay in touch with those requests and try to give our best to make their desires become their reality by making a couple of tweaks on our player.

New Streaming Protocols Support (HLS and MPEG-DASH)

As Flash as a tech is slowly being deprecated on the web, we have opted to support some new streaming standards and also deprecate some older ones. From today, the RTMP protocol will not be supported anymore in the Brid player. We’ve also added full support for HLS on both desktop and mobile and MPEG-DASH support for desktop. MPEG-DASH support for mobile will be added as soon as the browsers on these operating systems start supporting this open standard.
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Here is the list of our new improvements:

  • The process for adding streaming files into the CMS has been streamlined
  • The error messages when an invalid call is made in the CMS has been changed
  • The performance on almost all pages in the CMS has been improved by removing redundant JavaScript logs
  • Flash player switch on the VAST inspector tool has been removed as the Brid Flash player is deprecated and it switches automatically when a Flash enabled ad tag is present
  • A couple of JavaScript errors which would appear on certain mouseover events on some tooltips in the CMS has been fixed
  • All crossdomain.xml references from the CMS have been removed as the Brid Flash player is deprecated so these notices are not needed anymore
  • A minor JavaScript error on the edit video screen has been fixed in the CMS when an external image snapshot is removed
  • Forcing of autoplay video when a certain ad blocker is present in Google Chrome has been fixed.
  • VEEPS plugin load on mobile has been removed

New Ad Tag Waterfall Feature For Pre-Rolls

video marketing
Although advertisers today have built-in waterfall features in their ad tags we have added an additional waterfall layer on the player and video level for pre-rolls. This was a very sought after a request from our users. Now under the monetization section, you will be able to add a secondary ad tag URL for a pre-roll slot. In case your first ad tag does not return a valid ad or it errors out, your secondary ad tag will get called and the player will try to display an ad from it.

Ad Unit Functionality

Another improvement on our player is that Brid ad units now have an option to continue playback even after a user scrolls away from the unit. The new option is available under your ad unit settings section.

Google Analytics bug

Since May 5th, the player had a bug where it would not properly send out analytics events on certain occasions. This is now fixed.
Those where the recent updates on our player, hope you like it and benefit from it.