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October 20, 2021
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October 29, 2021

Brid.TV Platform Update 5.9.0. — Live Stream DVR Support platform update 5.9.0.

Dear publishers, it’s been a few weeks since our last platform update, and we’re excited to announce a few significant changes. This platform update brought improvements to our live streaming servers, introduced full DVR support for all live streams, and featured a few additional bug fixes.

New and Improved Streaming Infrastructure & Live Stream DVR Support

As of this update, we moved our live streaming infrastructure to stronger machines to ensure smoother playback. All newly created streaming servers will be launched on this new and improved infrastructure. However, if you already have a server running, you’ll need to restart it to migrate to our new hardware.

We’re also happy to announce that publishers using our live streaming services will now have access to full DVR support for their streams. That means users watching your streams will be able to rewind your streams up to two hours back if they happen to miss something important or have to take a break.

Full 5.9.0. Changelog

Here’s a complete list of changes that came with the 5.9.0. update:

  • Migrated our live stream infrastructure to newer, better, and stronger machines. If you use our live stream servers, we suggest you stop your current and start a new one to migrate to the newer instances.
  • Our live stream offering now supports DVR!
  • Added a <lastbuildate> field in our MRSS XML feeds. This field will be updated whenever a new video is changed or when a playlist is changed with new video content.
  • Fixed a minor issue in certain implementations where our player would fall back to an MP4 file instead of using the available HLS adaptive streaming rendition.
  • Fixed the option to set a custom position for the sticky player close button.
  • The latest Google IMA SDK broke display banner fallback in certain implementations, so we made a workaround for this until the Google IMA SDK team releases a fix.

If you have any questions about the update or need help with anything, let us know!

The Brid.TV Team