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December 25, 2019
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January 15, 2020

BridTV Platform Update 4.9.0

platform update

Jumping straight onto the 2020 technological bandwagon, BridTV brings an amazing variety of new updates. Enhancing the state-of-the-art video platform, our team of diligent developers have incorporated an assortment of useful features. 

You’ll find the complete list of platform changes below:

  • Added support for our prebidJS implementation to be called on each subsequent pre roll call in playlists. 
  • Added support for ad frequency settings for prebidJS implementations.
  • Added a minor graphical notification on your player list to check which players have what type of monetization set.
  • Cleared up the overage and limits display for your current plan on the main welcome dashboard.
  • Improved performance of certain parts of the CMS by utilizing memcache.
  • Changed the share screen of the player to show a video preview with replay button to boost user engagement.
  • Upgraded our YouTube fetching system to allow the possibility of fetching higher quality videos from YouTube.
  • Added an option to rotate a video on the edit video screen.
  • Added analytics reporting for number of click-throughs on your videos if they are set on the video level.
  • Added an option to enable/disable the next video popup that appears near the end of a video which shows a small preview of the next video in your playlist.
  • Added a new video end screen which mimics YouTube’s next video screen. It shows a 10 second countdown timer to the next video inside a playlist.
  • Upgraded the area on the upload video screen to be bigger for easier drag and drop.
  • Added “theater mode” support for the player.
  • Added some minor search improvements.
  • Fixed a rare issue on Android Chrome where the player would autoplay in sticky mode even if the “autoplay if ad exists” option is enabled and no ad is found.

The Brid Team