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April 17, 2019
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April 24, 2019

BridTV Any-Ad: High-Yield Monetization

Seeking out superior technological solutions is a necessary cornerstone of any web-based endeavor. Upgrading your monetization plan is the next step. Elevating your ad-powered online business is only a few clicks away. As a web publisher, it’s time to seize the opportunity to invest and expand your business by using BridTV Any-Ad; an enhanced Outstream Unit monetization solution.

State of the Ad Market – Now’s the Time to Act

It’s one thing keeping an eye on your own stats and business data, but you won’t go far unless you’re in-tune with industry trends. The current industry of online video ads is booming to say the least, and more and more publishers (businesses large, medium and small) are lining up to get a piece of the action. Ad optimization and ad technology are the tools that make all this possible. Utilizing native video ads and in-content ads lets publishers achieve a user-friendly environment; thanks to this, publishers’ inventories get overall improved ad performance.
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Making the most of your ad campaign means you are simply eliminating the possibility of potential issues that are currently affecting a great number of modern-day businesses. Formats such as display banner advertising, in-content outstream ads, and native outstream ads, are getting increasingly popular. In-content style ads are the way to go.
If we look at display advertising revenue in general, it is projected to amount to $7.9 million by 2022. In addition, 77% of all mobile display adspend will go towards native ads. Various companies are looking to convey brand awareness as fast as possible – now display ads have three seconds to convey the brand’s message.

BridTV Any-Ad Explained

After a productive year and months of offering Outstream ads to satisfied publishers, BridTV has kept pushing its in-house ad tech even further. By expanding our in-video outstream unit direction, we have incorporated a completely new, 100% unique ad format that’ll enable you to get the most out of your ads with absolutely no loss of revenue. Thanks to BridTV Any-Ad you can simplify and dramatically improve your monetization process. With top-notch functionality and ease-of-use, our ad tech allows you to fine-tune everything according to your enterprise-oriented needs. As part of this unique feature, you get fallback ad support for 300×250 display banners. That’s a huge thing for any publisher who is focused on maintaining steady ad-based income.
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Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1 – BridTV Any-Ad check
    Our in-house ad tech checks if any video ad inventory is available…
  • Step 2 – Publisher-controlled time message
    Your 300×250 banner tag gets a timeout message and loads – and you get to set the duration.
  • Step 3 – Fill rate increase – This is where it gets interesting. Once BridTV Any-Ad has worked its magic, you’ll see a considerable fill rate boost for your video ad inventory (best of all, the system runs across all devices, browsers and operating systems without any limitations).

End Result – No Loss of Revenue
Once again, the end result is display banner fallback (should your in-video or in-content outstream ads fail to deliver). This particular ad delivery method boils down to an effective combo of linear and non-linear ads in a single player. So, it’s really a win-win. You get, non-linear ad demand, 300×250 banner ads, no loading, and best of all a completely seamless ad experience

Outstream Ad Solution Guarantees Viewability for Publishers

If you’re working with text-based editorial content, and your business doesn’t have video content, then Outstream is your best ad solution. Here’s how it works: the user scrolls, the content opens up and a video will kick off. The sheer effectiveness of Outstream ads is based on the a simple formula: you’re placing ads in the heart of the page content, without interfering with the over user experience, which is a pretty big deal.
Outstream ads offer even more options.
In-content outstream unit: ideal for additional monetization if you have text-based web page content. Your ad unit fires up between two paragraphs, it shows the ad and then disappears. Expect greater viewability here, above all else.
In-slide outstream unit: the ad slides into the corner of the screen, shows the ad, and then it moves out of the way. Again, this will yield superb viewability.
Read more about the BridTV Outstream ad unit and check out video examples as well.

Detailed Ad Optimization Only on BridTV and Native Ad Unit Extras

Utilizing the Native Ad Unit you get a simple embed code. You upload a video into the BridTV CMS and that video becomes an ad. Easy. Now, as an extension of your monetization plan, this feature will give you the option to add video tracking pixels, which allows you to get accurate videos performance data (i.e. start, complete, quartile, clickthrough, and more).
As far as unique options are concerned, publishers can look forward to more goodies. Again, all it takes is adding several lines of code that unlock the following benefits:

  • Option 1: Autoplay if ad exists – The ad only loads if ad exists, therefore not disrupting user experience.
  • Option 2: Make player sticky – guaranteed high viewability.
  • Option 3: Player acts as outstream unit – Associate video content to an in-content outstream ad unit. The player loads and display only if a valid ad is received from your VAST/VPAID ad tag and after your pre-roll finishes playback, your video content will start playback.

If you’re unclear about any of the aforementioned functions or features of our video platform, we welcome you to direct all inquiries to our support team, as well as our dev team, who are available to respond promptly. Also, keep checking our Brid Dev Platform for more updates.