Google ADX Powered BridTV Marketplace Unlocks Premium Ad Demand
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March 27, 2019
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April 1, 2019

BridTV Marketplace: Boost Revenue With Premium Ad Demand and Google ADX

In the modern-day digital landscape, it has become apparent that video ads and video content, in general, have become the monetization lifeline for businesses big and small. So, if you are keen on increasing your website’s revenue stream, there are certain aspects of the business you need to focus on – optimizing and monetizing your traffic, and video is the best way to go. However, you must also decide what’s right for you. This is where our newly implemented tech, the BridTV Marketplace (powered by Google ADX), comes in.

There are some significant benefits here. With the Google ADX system in place, you’ll be able to truly expand your options for ad optimization, simultaneously increasing ad performance. In short, you gain additional revenue by utilizing a rather sophisticated but incredibly slick ad solution, which unlocks the doors to premium ad stack.

BridTV Marketplace: Benefits for Publishers

With the help and active support from our team, you’ll be able to set up, navigate, manage and improve your own ad campaigns. The beauty part is that the marketplace is heavily powered by Google ADX’s superior ad monetization system. In addition to that, you can also rely on BridTV’s backfill monetization option, to further streamline your online business.
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So, essentially, what are the real benefits for publishers when utilizing Google ADX? Well, there are quite a lot of them, in fact. Your business model and monetization strategy reaches its true potential here, largely thanks to Google’s ad serving platform (Ad Manager / DFP).
Check out only some of the benefits below:

  • Premium ADX demand, latest ad formats.
  • Powerful fill rates and high CPM.
  • Dedicated trafficking team.
  • We handle everything on the tech side, so you have minimum hassle there.
  • Unlock revenue potential with Google-powered monetization and ad performance data.
  • Track performance within our CMS with real-time analytics / data.
  • Incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use revenue platform.
  • Both Mobile Web and Desktop monetization options are available.

Premium Ad Demand – Simple, Quick, Easy

Simplicity is definitely the key here. All that is required is that you fill out a form and update your ads.txt. Why even do this? For one thing, you should know that our publisher database is expanding by the day, and a majority of them have already hopped on the money-making bandwagon. Based on their constant feedback we have determined that by incorporating Marketplace into your business model, you will experience higher ad yield, seeing as you get running ads from Google ADX. If you’ve been striving to become a direct Google partner, you most certainly know that it’s a long and hard road. BridTV creates an ideal shortcut for you in that regard. Our firm partnership with Google was set up to encourage and help small and medium businesses (publishers) to unlock top-notch ad demand.

Increasing Revenue With Ad Optimization

You better believe it. One of the goals of BridTV is to enable as much technical assistance to our clients as possible. If you’re struggling to set up your ad strategy and monetization, no problem: we have a dedicated trafficking team, which is focused on ad optimization for each and every publisher. We offer constant advice 24/7, as well as detailed guides, documentation, and support on how to boost your revenue.

Our revenue share model was created to establish steady growth for publishers, so they can make the most out of their ad revenue. As soon as you set up BridTV Marketplace, 70% of the profits go to the publisher, while 30% goes to BridTV (NET60 payment terms).

The Future is Out There

We are preparing a variety of BridTV products and solutions in the coming weeks, including BridTV Analytics 2.0, iOS SDK integration and more so stay tuned.

Should you decide to join the ever-growing family of BridTV publishers, we’d be more than happy to guide you through the simple process of setting up an account and implementing our video monetization tech. Any problems along the way? Not to worry, our support team is constantly on the watch and ready to assist you on your road to higher revenue.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for your continued support of BridTV.
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