Video Platform Update for BridTV With Improvements and Fixes
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January 12, 2019
BridTV February 2019 Platform Update
February 4, 2019

BridTV January 2019 Platform Update: Improvements & Fixes

Dear Publishers,

Following the busy Holiday season, the BridTV dev team emerges with a wide range of video platform and CMS updates. This time around, diverse features were incorporated, not the least of which is the powerful all-new AI matching service.

Of course, coupled with the brand new features, the new video platform update brings numerous fixes as well.
Check out the full list of platform updates below:

  • Released our new AI video content matching service. You can now intelligently add videos to your site via our AI matching service with a single embed code. Currently matches videos from your own video library but soon you’ll be able to leverage our ever-expanding internal Brid library which is constantly updated with fresh video content.
  • Fixed the search option on the add video to playlist screen so it works as expected.
  • Revamped the add video to playlist screen to be more in sync with other features in the CMS.
  • Admins now have analytics permissions for only sites that they have access to.
  • Added the option to send a file to our encoding engine via our PHP API.
  • Added an option to copy a snapshot or thumbnail to our servers via the PHP API.
  • Added various improvements to our prebidjs implementation when used together with display banner header bidding.
  • Added end date options for videos so you can set an expiration date for your video when they will not be able to be displayed in the player and will get automatically removed from any playlists.
  • Fixed a rare error when or certain occasions the player would not correctly fallback to a banner ad slot due to the way a VPAID behaves.
  • Upgraded the import MRSS video feed feature in the CMS to now allow multiple configuration options regarding tags and playlists.
  • Added an option to automatically sync videos from a feed on an hourly basis.
  • Added the option to force an advertisement message inside the player for VPAID ads.

The Brid Team

Please let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for your continued support of BridTV.
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