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BridTV Fixes: Android SDK, Top Videos and More

The BridTV core development team introduces a range of improvements and fixes for the BridTV CMS, Android SDK and Analytics. You can have a look at the full list of changes and updates below:

  • The download report option under TOP VIDEOS will now produce a report of up to 500 videos max instead of a paginated 10 by 10 response. Updated the main search bar to have better crawling capabilities when searching for user accounts.
  • Updated our Android SDK to have support for the getDuration() method, added an event listener for video buffering and added support for the player to retry video playback if Internet connectivity is bad.
  • Fixed a minor bug when accessing single video analytics from the TOP VIDEOS section.
  • Added duration information for every video under Analytics – TOP VIDEOS.
  • Returned PDF reports generation as not it should work properly and show correct numbers instead of them being rounded up.
  • Added bandwidth usage under the Analytics – REPORTS section so you can now easily pull bandwidth consumption reports per site or per video.
  • Added a more user friendly screen for the TOP VIDEOS view when no videos are available.
  • Fixed access for special editor permissions in regards to analytics display inside the CMS.

Web publishers are welcome to come to us directly if they have any questions about the recently implemented changes and upgrades.

The BridTV Team