Another day, another new feature release for Brid! We want to introduce you to our new Brid.Tv update – Brid’s playlist widget. This is a new type of widget which takes in a user created playlist and displays them in a different manner.

The widget is made to be responsive so it is mobile friendly and also has a different, more touch friendly user interface when rendered on mobile.Take a look at the widget in action:

On the top, you will find the player which will playback items from the playlist. At the bottom of the widget you will find a thumbnail representation of the videos in your playlist. By clicking on any thumb, playback of that video item will commence.

Main widget features:

  • Currently, the playlist widget will always show 3 items. If your playlist contains more than 3 items, the widget will show prev/next buttons on hover to the right and left of the playlist thumb display.
  • The maximum amount of videos the playlist widget can hold is 20. If you try to add a playlist which contains more than 20 items, the widget will only show the first 20 items.
  • You can create a playlist widget from added YouTube videos or from your own be them uploaded to Brid or externally added. All types of video monetization are also supported as is autoplay.
  • The widget currently comes in 3 color flavors. Dark, light and transparent so it can blend with almost any site.


  1. Login into Brid.
  2. Navigate to your PLAYLIST section.
  3. Next to the embed column you will see a widget column.
  4. Click on the button.
  5. Choose your player, height and other options.
  6. Copy and paste your embed code!

Already we’re setting the paces for video trends of 2016. We’ve mentioned video will be the biggest ‘must have’ in anyone’s marketing strategy next year and with the latest additions we’re making sure your Brid.Tv video player is in the front row of current trends. Hope you’ll find this new widget beneficial for your site and please, don’t hesitate to send us your feedback. player, Brid’s playlist widget, widget