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June 28, 2017
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July 4, 2017

Brid Video Platform Update

It’s been busy here at Brid video platform HQ these past couple of months so we have a lot to talk about. The main thing you may notice, besides enhancements to the core product and few market-specific solutions, is our new site redesign and new Brid video platform pricing plans.
What we did is up the amount of GB all our plans have available considerably. For starters, now it’s possible to achieve 3 times more bandwidth (depending on the plan). Did we also mention that the price is still the same!?

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We’re also excited in releasing our new ad de-blocker service for video ads ADIQ! Brid’s ad de-block platform, ADIQ, allows you to regain that lost inventory for greater profit from your video advertising. Although this is a separate product, all Enterprise level Brid users will have this function available to them for free.
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Here’s a rundown of all new major features released:

  • Redesigned the player and video section to hopefully be more user friendly.
  • Added embed code support for Facebook Instant Articles in the CMS.
  • Added option to get invoices for all payments from your Account Details section. Also added an automatic send invoice option to email.
  • Updated the add playlist screen in the CMS to be more user friendly.
  • Unified analytics into a single view so you can track all analytics in one place.
  • Added ad analytics display in the CMS.
  • Added ad de-blocker implementation in the CMS for Brid Enterprise level users.
  • You don’t need to go into a site to view your user list anymore. We have exposed this option on the main page once you login into Brid CMS.
  • Various other minor bug fixes.

We’ll explain more what these changes mean to our publishers and how can they help your business in future posts. In the meantime send us your feedback on recent update and your requests for the future. The best place to submit a user request is as always to submit a ticket! We do take them seriously!
Happy embedding!