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Video Search Engines To Think About
August 14, 2015
New Plan and Pricing Model via Brid.Tv
August 24, 2015

Brid.Tv Video Player 2.0!

Power your videos with 2.0 Video Player! Just when you thought there is nothing new to be said in video players world, Brid.Tv 2.0 player is here to prove the opposite. We are happy to announce our Brid.Tv improvements that we have cooked in our labs for the last couple of months. We’re thrilled to provide a solution to our customers that will optimize their social sharing options, improve their video quality, that could provide delivery of their video content directly to any device (both mobile or desktop) faster than before, and (with our new features) make their video experience one of a kind. Our publishers will now be able to enjoy real level-up of performance and smoothness like they could only expect from the most expensive enterprise video platforms on the market. Check out our new explainer video which underlines all benefits of our platform, and all the good stuff that, as an enterprise-level free online video platform and player solution, has there for you. It has never been a better time to sign for the Brid.Tv player, one true future of the free video publishing, than it is now.

Improved sharing capabilities
Improved sharing capabilitiesSharing with Brid.Tv player just got a lot better. Brid.Tv has decided to give our users a possibility to improve their social sharing experience by providing them with the option to fully enjoy their video consumption both on Twitter and on Facebook. Brid.Tv player has added support for In-wall Facebook video player display. Simply put, now, whenever you share your player on Facebook, the player will embed directly in your Facebook wall and playback with your branded skin! This social sharing improvement is now a  available to both our standard and premium plan users!
Whitelisted with Twitter for a player card.As for Twitter, we are whitelisted with Twitter for a player card. That means all our premium partners can now embed their branded player directly in a tweet and the player will load and playback directly on Twitter’s message wall, which gives our customers a chance to play and share their videos inside of Twitter.
But that’s not all regarding social sharing improvements – we have a sexy new short URL for folks to share videos, so no more chunky weird domains to share. We also now support sharing to Reddit directly, which has grown into a major social network powerhouse and takes your sharing prowess to a new level. Storyboard Thumbnail Feature Storyboard Thumbnail FeatureStoryboard Thumbnail Feature is now fully implemented in the Brid player available to all our premium partners to use in their player. This feature can provide you an overview of the video content without interfering with video playback. It shows you thumbnail images of every 10 seconds of video length when you are hovering your mouse over the progress bar (timeline) without skipping to it until you press the button. With Storyboard Thumbnail Feature now you can navigate through the video content and easily find the exact moment in the video you want to watch.
Performance and size upgrades
Performance and size upgradesThe Brid.Tv player now uses our proprietary JavaScript animation engine, making animation much faster and more lifelike on both mobile and desktop. Player is lighter than ever and loads faster. We have added a plethora of optimizations which target mobile consumers. Users now have an even wider support for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Videos can now also autoplay on both iPad and iPhone if publishers desire to set this up.
The Flash Support
The Flash part of the player has also been upgraded with wider ad support. As before, the player is fully VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, VPAID 1.0 and VPAID 2.0 compatible in both HTML5 and Flash. We’ve added even greater support for streaming services with nominal support for MPEG DASH included.
Veeps plugin
Veeps pluginOur proprietary Veeps plugin has got a major overhaul of the back-end, more stable connections, and faster response time during calls.
Intelligent skinning
Intelligent skinning is now just smarter than before. Instead of just offering the ability for the player to customize to a site, we have taken the VAST (pun intended) experience of our design team and layed down the foundation for player designs upon which we add intelligent programmatic modifications. This results in a more seamless and overall prettier player custom-tailored to your site’s design and theme. Custom skinning is better centralized than ever making our design team much more efficient at delivering the tough tasks put before them by our publisher partners.
WordPress Plugin v2.0
WordPress Plugin v2.0Our new and much improved version of the WordPress plugin (WordPress Plugin v2.0), can vastly simplify your workflow in the WordPress platform when using With our WordPress Plugin v2.0  you can now use ALL of the major advantages of the Brid platform (without ever having to leave your WP admin screen), fully customize your player, and setup monetization on the player as well.
With this update, the Brid.Tv player is absolutely up to par if not better, than any player of our major competitors and unlike the JW’s and Flow Player’s of this world, Brid.Tv player comes with no restrictions whatsoever. With no additional cost for monetizing your videos, no strange logos to ruin the free user experience, you get a true enterprise level video platform. It’s just that simple!

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