Brid TV – version 1.1
by | May 30, 2014 | Editorial, Platform Updates | No Comments

Dear Publishers,


It’s time for a new Brid TV version – Here are a couple of things we have been working on:


—Optimized the Brid player and reduced its size

—Added an option to prefer Flash player instead of HTML5 (for VPAID ad users)

—Added a Brid hosted solution so we can host and encode video files for you

—Age gate support for videos

—Various other bug fixes and upgrades

Brid Tv service now offers a full hosting and encoding solution to its customers. We have partnered with the two biggest names in CDN hosting and encoding – Amazon CloudFront and to provide you a combination of the fastest delivery system available with great encoding capabilities. Keep in mind that terms of service do apply.

And stay tuned – soon we’ll be back with more.

Thank you for choosing Brid!

– The Brid Team


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