Brid.TV Update 5.6.0. — Dropbox Integration and Carousel Upgrade
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Brid.TV 5.6.0. Update — Dropbox Integration Feature, Video Carousel Upgrade, and More

Brid.TV Platform Update 5.6.0. — Dropbox Integration Feature, Video Carousel Upgrade, and More

Hello everyone! The Brid.TV team is working hard on our video platform and we’ve prepared another platform update for you! As you may know, the last update was a few weeks ago, and it brought prebid booster, outstream banner fallback, and more. And now we’re back with new changes and additions to our platform!

Let’s see what changes the 5.6.0. update brings to the table!

Dropbox Integration Feature for Adding Videos to Brid.TV

Our brand-new native Dropbox support is finally here! As of this update, publishers and content creators can now add videos from Dropbox to their Brid.TV library. In just a few clicks, you can select one or multiple videos, and our video platform will retrieve them and enable you to share them with your target audience.

It’s as simple as that!

High-Quality Video Carousel Unit

As you probably know, Brid.TV offers a unique chance to publishers and content creators to monetize their websites even without video content. This is all possible thanks to our Video Carousel Unit — an advanced solution that takes elements from a given URL, joins them together, and creates an animated video.

We’ve now decided to upgrade our Video Carousel Unit so that it can produce high-quality videos. With this update, all of your video carousels are able to be up to 720p in quality! Make use of our Carousel Unit and monetize your website in just a few easy steps!

Full 5.6.0. Update Changelog

Take a look at the complete list of all changes and additions that came with the 5.6.0. Update:

  • Added native Dropbox support for adding in videos into your Brid library. You can now easily select one or many videos and batch-add them into the system.
  • Added consent string passthrough support for AMP players.
  • Updated our video carousels which are now able to be up to 720p in quality.
  • Added a custom parameter to the players embed code which adds support for different player behavior depending on the referrer. E.g. set the player to autoplay when the referrer is a social network while being click-to-play if organic traffic.
  • Added support for sticky offset parameters for playlist widgets.
  • Added a new way to use the players JS API without the need to provide it with the ID of the DIV in which the player is rendering. This only works though for single player implementation on a page. Outstream units are supported here as well.
  • Changed our analytics completion rate pixel firing to always require an impression beforehand. As there are rogue ads that fire a completion pixel while not displaying an ad, this fix should make sure our completion metrics are correct once again.
  • Fixed a minor autoplay issue under AMP conditions when certain prebid setups would produce empty responses and no bids.
  • Updated our player and removed some code that would conflict with certain require.js implementations.
  • Added some minor speed improvements across the platform backend. This should improve page speed especially for publishers with many added sites.

Have any questions or need support with anything regarding the latest update? Send us a quick message, and we’ll respond promptly!