Brid.TV Platform Update 5.3.3. — Multicast Live Streaming Support
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Brid.TV 5.3.3. Update — Multicast Live Streaming Support, Bug Fixes, and More

Platform Update

Hello everyone! We are here with more exciting news!

It’s been a while since our last update, but we’ve prepared a new one for you! Our dev team is working diligently to bring you new features and updates, and we’re sure you’ll love the latest tweaks and improvements!

So get ready to see what our team has been working on this past month!

A New Feature, Updates, and Bug Fixes Await!

We’re excited about the 5.3.3. update because it has introduced a notable novelty to our video platform! Buckle up for this announcement!

Starting from today, Brid.TV supports multicast live streaming for YouTube and Facebook! That’s right, our publishers and content creators now have a unique opportunity to send their streams from Brid.TV to YouTube and Facebook. Use your follower base on these two networks to further expand the reach of your live streams!

Another update our clients will love is the option to specify the exact time they want a video to be published. For instance, perhaps most of your viewers live in the USA, while you’re based in Europe. To ensure you reach them while they are online, you should post a video at a specific time. You don’t need to wake up early in the morning or stay up all night — access Brid.TV platform and set the time when the video should be released!

Our dev team hasn’t stopped there! Let’s see the full list of updates and bug fixes.

Full Changelog

Here are all the changes that came with the 5.3.3. update:

  • Added multicast live streaming support for YouTube and Facebook. You can now easily share your live stream from Brid to both of these platforms with a few simple steps.
  • Added an option where you can specify the exact time you want a video to be published in advance.
  • Added a new adClick event for the player which fires whenever an advertisement is clicked.
  • The player will now go into sticky mode if all requirements are met even when it is loading an ad.
  • Payment of invoices below $1 is now disabled.
  • Fixed a minor issue with Google Login.
  • Fixed the replace video API V3 method.
  • Fixed an internal server error when accessing certain traffic sources links inside our Analytics.
  • Fixed a minor bug on certain web pages where the player controls would print when a user would print a whole web page.

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you need any assistance with our new features and upgrades!

Enjoy the new additions to Brid.TV’s platform!