Brid.TV Platform Update 5.3.0. — New Features, Upgrades, and Bug Fixes
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Brid.TV 5.3.0. Update — New Features, Upgrades, and Bug Fixes

Hello everyone! It’s been a few weeks since our last update which introduced support for audio files and VAST audio ads, among other things. But we’re back again with exciting news for publishers and content creators! Our Brid.TV team has been working hard to bring you new features and bug fixes.

So, let’s see what our dev team has come up with!

Full List of Changes

There are some notable novelties following our 5.3.0. update, and we hope you will enjoy these additions to Brid.TV! The full list of changes, including bug fixes, is located below:

  • Added credit card support as a payment option. Now when paying any invoice, you have both an option to use a credit card or PayPal. 
  • Added an option to screen your traffic for IVT through our integration with Protected Media.
  • Added a new player option where you can set the player to skip to a next video at X seconds.
  • Refactored player code which controls the way elements inside the players controls bar load which should improve player load time up to 100ms.
  • Added a new player option (Wait for TCF API) which stops player ad calls until your CMP of choice returns a valid consent string. This player option has full support for TCF 2.0. You can find this option under the MONETIZATION section of the player edit screen.
  • Added a new experimental feature for pre bidding using PrebidJS which allows the player to waterfall bids from your pre bidding bidders. 
  • Added a preview video option on all playlist screens so you can preview a video that you want to add to a playlist beforehand.
  • Added player load analytics data under our PLAYERS section in our Analytics.
  • Added improvements to our live stream setup so that we take into account certain server side errors and try to maintain a server to be live and let it self-heal so users don’t have to create new live stream servers and re-enter new connection data.
  • Added support for skinning the rewind button in the Brid player.
  • Added new totals for different reports throughout our analytics system.
  • Added a custom parameter option to set the player to a maximum width.
  • Added a custom parameter option to set a custom close button for the Brid player.
  • Fixed an invalid notice when deleting carousel units from the CMS.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to delete live streams.
  • Fixed an issue when grabbing invoices from the CMS.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you need any help with the new feature and upgrades. We’d be glad to help you!

Enjoy our latest update!