In Twitter Player Display and Playback
March 31, 2015
Advanced Social Features – Brid.Tv Added Support For In-wall Facebook Video Player Display
April 30, 2015 Now Has The Storyboard Thumbnail Feature

You know that feeling of being anxious to find one particular spot in the video that you want to watch right away. The problem is that your video is too long and you’re repeatedly pressing the wrong part on a timeline bar over and over again. That can be frustrating and tedious to say the least.

That’s why a Storyboard Thumbnail Feature on a progress bar on any video player is a great way to find precisely what you need in a matter of seconds.

It lets you see an overview of the video content without interfering with video playback.

They way it works exactly is that it shows you thumbnail images of every 10 seconds of video length when you are hovering your mouse over the progress bar (timeline) without skipping to it until you press the button. It helps you navigate through the video content and easily find the exact moment in the video you’re trying to watch.

You can find it on Youtube videos but most importantly, this feature is now fully implemented in the Brid player and all our premium partners are automatically upgraded to use this feature in their player. A small preview thumbnail is created on every 10th second of a video.

Unfortunately, this is a premium only feature as we create, encode and host the thumbnail storyboard file on our end. In the future, if there is a possibility, we will look into adding this feature for our standard plan users as well.

You can see it in action on Brid player so try it by yourself and please, tell us what you think in the comments section below.