Brid.TV Marketplace: Helping You Maximize Your Video Ad Revenue
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Brid.TV Marketplace: Helping Publishers Maximize Video Ad Revenue

Ads Marketplace

The future is digital! Statista reported that the average social media usage amounted to 144 minutes per day in 2019. In addition to that, people watch 78% of online videos every week. So, having an online presence is a must for every brand nowadays. Those businesses that keep up with industry trends already know how important digital advertising is when they want to promote their products or services.

A decade ago, digital advertising was nothing more than a banner ad users would see on a website. But, the times have changed. Today, the internet is accessible everywhere we go, either on our smartphones or tablets. This fact has spurred considerable growth in digital advertising. In fact, eMarketer reports that global digital ad spending will reach $332.84 billion this year. Businesses have realized how beneficial this form of advertising is.

But, the greatest challenge brands face is making an impact on the digital market. The competition is fierce today. However, videos can help you leave a powerful impression on your audience. And with video ads, you can have an even more profound impact on the industry. Brid.TV developed technology that is suitable for your every need.

Publishers and advertisers can easily serve the very best to their partners and customers. How? With the help of Brid.TV Marketplace, a reliable and powerful solution that boosts your fill rate and increases your ad revenue.

Let’s find out more about our Marketplace.

Brid.TV Marketplace: Boosting Publisher Revenue

Brid.TV Marketplace is a video ad system that helps publishers maximize their ad revenue. This advanced system is a useful ally to have on your side when you’re left with unsold ad impressions. Namely, Ads Marketplace steps in after your ad demand comes up empty and fills unsold impression.

The system is pretty easy to implement and use, and it doesn’t require any technical know-how. In fact, to start your journey with Brid.TV Marketplace, you only need to apply for this program in our CMS. During this process, our system will verify your website and request that you copy the ads.txt entries to the ads.txt file of your website. Once you finish the application, our team will contact you to finalize the process with you.

Becoming an Ads Marketplace user is as easy as ABC. But, wait, how does this powerful solution work?

How Does the Brid.TV Marketplace Work?

Our Brid.TV Marketplace comes into play only when your own first-party ad demand comes up empty. Let’s say that you have some remnant inventory to sell because an ad request didn’t fetch an ad. This ad space doesn’t need to be left unfilled if you use Brid.TV Marketplace. Simply allow our Ads Marketplace to do its magic if your ad demand fails. As a result, you will have higher fill rates and you can look forward to a steady profit from video ads.

Furthermore, this action will not have any effect whatsoever on your own ad stack. But, if you want, you can use Ads Marketplace without your own ads. The best part of Brid.TV Marketplace? Our team of experts devotes their time and attention to the monetization process and the technical sides of the system. So, your only job is to focus on video content management.

That’s right, by signing up for Brid.TV Marketplace, you will have a dedicated ad optimization team at your disposal. This group works around the clock to ensure you make the most out of your inventory. Put your trust in them and you will start achieving higher ad revenue!

Ads Marketplace Is Available to Everyone

Brid.TV lends a helping hand to publishers and content creators looking to grow their business and reach more people with their video content. We offer a fast and reliable video player that enables brands to host, manage, and monetize their videos. The player relies on state-of-the-art technology that can transform your online business for the better. It also comes with extensive monetization options that can help you increase your revenue.

However, you don’t need to use our video player in order to gain access to Brid.TV Marketplace. That’s right, our Marketplace system is available to everyone regardless of whether they upload their video content on our platform or not.

Ads Marketplace is an ad provider whose goal is to ensure you have high fill rates and high eCPM. Therefore, utilizing our video player is not a prerequisite for publishers and content creators who want to reap the benefits of Ads Marketplace.

Use Powerful Analytics

The advantages of Brid.TV Marketplace do not stop there. There is another perk you will love — the access to powerful in-house analytics. Brid.TV is all about transparency and we want our clients to grow their business with us. Part of that means tracking the performance of every campaign and knowing how you can improve your marketing techniques.

Our dashboard provides you with a wide range of information that helps you determine just how effective your business is in the online market. The analytics engine relies on machine learning tech to gather and present a staggering amount of details. With monthly reporting, it’s easier to know how you’re performing. The available stats give you insight into the following ad metrics:

  • Ad Impressions
  • Ad Requests
  • eCPM
  • Fill Rate
  • Revenue
  • Viewability

So, use daily reporting to your benefit! Plus, you can expect full revenue transparency from us as well.

Our groundbreaking Brid.TV Marketplace has earned the support from top-tier ad providers. Let’s check out which tech companies work closely with us.

Top-Tier Ad Platforms

Brid.TV partnered up with Google Ad Exchange (Google ADX), SpringServe, and Rubicon Project to further enhance the performance of Ads Marketplace. Thanks to these companies, our system includes high-tech features to improve your monetization process.

We are proud to say that Brid.TV is a Google Ad Manager 360 certified external vendor. With Google Ad Exchange, our publishers can improve their video ad strategy using a secure and stable video monetization system. Google ADX enables online businesses to achieve both higher fill rates and higher eCPM.

Then, SpringServe understands that publishers and content creators need to have complete control over their video ad efforts and video tech. That’s why the company offers yield management and video ad serving to our clients.

Lastly, we have recently expanded our Marketplace and added a new demand partner — Rubicon Project. Its technology will enhance our Ads Marketplace system and bring benefits to our publishers.

Try Brid.TV Marketplace Now!

Brid.TV Marketplace can transform your online business for the better. Relying on advanced technology and tremendous support from our partners, our system can help you achieve higher ad revenue. So, pay attention to video content management, and let us worry about the rest!