Brid.TV 5.4.5. Platform Update — Vertical Video Converter Feature
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Brid.TV 5.4.5. Update — Vertical Video Converter Feature, Bug Fixes, and More platform update 5.4.5.

Although our last platform update had only been a few days ago, our dev team has been hard at work and have already pushed out another update! The 5.4.5. platform version comes with a few quick bug fixes and a brand-new feature you’re sure to love!

Let’s see what this update has in store for publishers! 

New Vertical Video Converter Feature for Publishers to Enjoy

The recent unprecedented boom in popularity of the social video platform TikTok helped the platform grow to over 800 million users worldwide in just over a few years. Because the rise of TikTok also led to an increase in the popularity of vertical video, we thought this feature was way overdue. That is why we’re excited to announce that the Brid.TV player has introduced vertical video support as of today! 

But how does this feature work? It’s quite simple — all you have to do is make your player’s height larger than its width, and it will automatically enter “TikTok” mode. This vertical video mode also comes with a custom skin specifically designed to fit the TikTok theme!

You can learn more about this new feature here.

Full 5.4.5. Update Changelog

Here’s a complete list of all changes that came with the 5.4.5. update:

  • Added a new feature (TikTok clone) for vertical videos. If you now create a player with its height larger than its width, the player will automatically go into “TikTok” mode and will embed with a custom skin specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Added support for mid-roll intervals for Brid live streams.
  • Fixed a minor issue with specific sticky players on mobile.
  • Fixed a few minor typos in Brid.TV CMS.
  • Fixed an issue in our Marketplace reports when trying to get data for a single day as a time frame.
  • Fixed an issue in our Marketplace reports for SpringServe demand to take into account the proper CPM from their API.

Do you have any questions or need support with anything regarding the update? Send us an email, and we’ll get back to you promptly!

Enjoy the update!

The Brid.TV Team