Brid.TV Platform Update 5.0.0. — Video Carousel and Analytics Upgrades
Covid19 update from BRID.TV
March 20, 2020
Brid.TV Platform Update 5.0.5 — New Sharing Options and More
April 1, 2020

BRID.TV 5.0.0. update – new carousel and analytics options, small fixes and more

Dear Partners and Publishers,

We hope that you are safe during these tough times and that you, your coworkers and your family stays healthy. As we have already written, here at BRID.TV we are making sure to follow all the safety measures and guidelines as our team always comes as a priority.

We were among the first (if not the first) to start working from home and did all in our power to protect our employees and their families. But that doesn’t mean that work has stopped and that we are not still very committed to you, our partners, publishers, our company and BRID.TV as a project. In this troubling times, we have published one of the biggest updates so far and that’s just the small part of things we have planned for the next couple of weeks.

Let’s dig in!

Changes and improvements in 5.0.0 version

One of the biggest updates brings new features to video carousel and analytics, as well as smaller improvements in many other fields:

  • Added a new video carousel section in our analytics so you can track basic data for your video carousels. This is phase 1 of a 2 part release. Next release will have statistics per carousel slide.
  • Added support on the video carousel level to enable video click-through’s when controls are enabled for a carousel unit.
  • Added new analytics stats: number of ad requests and ad impressions per ad slot per player.
  • Consolidated all downloadable analytics reports to show bandwidth data in gigabytes (GB).
  • Updated our player analytics screen to show players that do not have any ad stats.
  • Updated all major custom skins code.
  • Added the option to delete multiple videos at once from the playlist screen.
  • Added analytics report scheduling.
  • Added support for MPEG-DASH video streams.
  • Added various totals stats in our Marketplace dashboard so you can get a better overview of your performance.
  • Added share options support in our iOS SDK.
  • Added cogwheel button support in our iOS SDK.
  • Added platform bandwidth stats in our downloadable reports section.
  • Fixed a minor bug when using MPEG-DASH video streams inside our CMS under the edit video screen. A JavaScript method would error out. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a minor typo on the video edit screen.
  • Updated GEO targeting on the site/partner level and fixed a minor bug.
  • Fixed a minor display bug when grabbing video content matching player embed code.
  • Fixed issue where ad blockers would block adding ad slots on the video level.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch!