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October 13, 2016
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October 25, 2016

Brid Platform Release – Version 2.8

The Brid team have been busy bees once more, having incorporated a ton of new features both to the CMS and video player, adding a wide range of overall improvements.

Check it out:

CMS Changes

  • Refactored the entire JavaScript frontend code and added queuing. We’ve seen an around 300% increase in page load speeds in the CMS thanks to this change.
  • Released our new VAST MOBILE AUOTPLAY feature for paid subscribers. This option enables autoplay of VAST compatible ads on mobile to be played back in-page. Support for VPAID ad tags is in the works and should be available soon. You can find this option under the MONETIZATION section of your player settings.
  • Moved entire CMS infrastructure to new servers for better performance.
  • Added Quantcast analytics support for Ad units.

Player Changes

  • Added improvements to Brid playlist widgets for YouTube videos. They will now load YouTube thumbs in the playlist section instead of a default image from YouTube. This should improve performance drastically for load times of the widget.
  • Fixed numerous URL calls that the player makes so that they can be properly cached by browsers.
  • Added improvements for VMAP enabled ad tags.
  • Fixed bug with mpeg-dash support for not firing a quality change event.
  • Fixed bug on certain YouTube videos where autoplay wouldn’t work correctly.
  • Added additional checks when calling a related videos feed.

To learn more about Brid’s features, head over this way.