Skyrocket Your Ad Revenue With Brid.TV’s Competitive Bidding platform update 5.8.6.
Brid.TV Platform Update 5.8.6. — Competitive Bidding and Video Matching
August 16, 2021 video content matching system
New and Improved Video Content Matching System
August 17, 2021

Boost Your Ad Yield With Brid.TV’s Competitive Bidding competitive bidding

Our last platform update brought with it multiple improvements to our existing systems and several bug fixes. But the one that publishers will love the most is our brand-new addition to our competitive bidding system. This upgrade will help publishers increase their ad yield and skyrocket their revenue without much hassle!

Maximize Prebid Performance With Improved Competitive Bidding

We’re happy to inform you we upgraded our prebidding system to allow Amazon Publisher Services to bid against other bidders asynchronously! But what does that mean for publishers?

That means you can now put APS to bid against other ad networks and compete with them alongside Google ADX in an open-auction-like environment. Our player will do that by merging all these bidders in a single DFP tag.

So how is this different from our old prebid waterfall technique? It’s pretty simple — with the waterfall method, the first bidder that exceeds the price floor will win the auction, regardless of the following bids. That meant other ad networks would often win impressions without even giving APS the chance to bid. Now, that is no longer the case!

That means publishers using this feature can expect to see more competitive bids and a boost in ad revenue.

How to Set Up Competitive Bidding

If you’re a user of our Video Ad Performance Platform (VAPP), you won’t have to do a thing — this change is already set up and will apply to all of your prebids.

However, our regular users will have to add a short piece of code to enable this feature. If you wish to include APS in competitive bidding through our CMS, all you have to do is add “merge_bidders:true” to your player’s embed code, and you’re all set!

If you need help setting up competitive bidding or have any questions about the feature, feel free to reach out, and our team will get back to you promptly.