Video Analytics Just Got Better
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Content creators are looking for more and more ways to express their ideas and share them with the public. Consequently, video is now the most powerful medium on the B2C and B2B scene. Meanwhile, web publishers are proactively navigating the contemporary digital landscape by relying mostly on video as their primary source of monetization and digital marketing. This is something BridTV is well aware of and we stand behind publishers, fully supporting their business efforts with our latest, groundbreaking video tech. In addition, we have now implemented a brand new analytics engine that massively improves your video data and focuses greatly on useability.


High-Impact Banner Fallback – Any-Ad ™
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banner fallback

BridTV enters the video advertising playing field with its first-to-market solution – Any-Ad ™. Our in-house technology has been evolving and leading web publishers to new plains in terms of online monetization. For the past few years, video advertising and digital revenue has seen a massive jump. For instance, 2018 full year digital revenues surpassed $100 billion. Also, in 2018, Internet advertising revenues in the US amounted to $107.5 billion for the first time, with Q4 2018 accounting for $31.4 billion (approx.) and Q3 2018 accounting for $26.6 billion (approx.). This is why it is important to grab your slice of the pie and start monetizing in the best way possible – gaining maximum revenue with a powerful and yet affordable ads revenue platform by your side. The Banner Fallback put forth with our new ad format — Any-Ad ™ — will most certainly help you accomplish this and more.


BridTV August 2019 Platform Update: Video Shared Library, Custom Channels and More
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video platform

The BridTV development team continues to polish and improve our video technology to create even more benefits and various options for publisher. The latest update mostly denotes CMS backend system updates. One of the highlights in this particular update is the brand new reporting tool that’s now been incorporated into the BridTV Analytics Engine 2.0.


Optimize Your Video Player for Mobile Ads – Android SDK VPAID Supported
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Android SDK VPAIDOur latest efforts to improve the BridTV Video Player has lead to a variety of truly amazing features. One of the biggest and vital additions to BridTV is the Android SDK (Google Certified) , which has now been reengineered and vastly improved to cover various ad types. That’s right, all your in-house Android apps can be monetized easily, but with BridTV they your ads for mobile can be optimized and tweaked even further.


Live Streaming – Your Chance to Make an Impact on the Video Market
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live streaming

There’s no denying that a vast number of online businesses are using video to create an impact on the current digital market. However, there’s an increasing number of web publishers and business owners who are relying more and more on live streaming as a powerful tool to reach worldwide audiences. When people are watching live events or a live stream, you know that the video will keep them engaged – considerably more so than regular (pre recorded) videos. This is why you can be certain that your business can greatly benefit from live videos.


Kick Your Business Into High Gear With BridTV Analytics 2.0
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ad performance data

When delving deep into the current world of online video monetization, it’s easy to get a bit discouraged if your content or business model underperforms somehow. Don’t fret though. There are several aspects that provide a stable foundation for any online business. At present one of the most effective ways of boosting your online enterprise is video. People engage with videos and the format itself creates a greater impact than any other content out there. In addition, if you have everything in place in order to run your online business, that surely means you’ve been working hard on development, marketing, strategy and other factors that enable you to achieve a steady income, client loyalty, audience retention, and so on. Now, the efficiency of every single one of these factors greatly depends on two things: research and planning; both of which need to be based on valuable data. Let’s say you’re looking into the behaviour of your target audience, or simply gathering ad performance data from your recent online ad campaign. Well, you’re gonna want to have concrete, accurate and reliable information to form a reasonably promising plan for any future business endeavors.


BridTV Coull Integration: New Value for to Your Ad Campaigns
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coull integration

For the past two years web publishers have been coming to us for support when it comes to online video monetization. As the industry grows and evolves, we have pushed our platform beyond what our clients expect. As a result, the extent and quality of our services has reached a point where publishers can rely on an amazing variety of features that are a tremendous benefit both to their business, as well as their own clients.


BridTV Powers Esports Championship: Dota 2, Tekken, League of Legends and More
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iesf world championship

We do not shy away from our passions. There’s no denying that a big chunk of our team is in love with games. We enjoy diving deep into video game experiences. Everything is on the menu, from the endless open-world magic of games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Witcher 3, to the non-stop multiplayer madness we sink our time into – like Fortnite, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, PUBG, Destiny 2, and, of course, League of Legends. So, when we’re not perfecting and improving our video technology, we fire up our favorite games on the PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. Now it’s time to turn our gaze to the IESF World Championship.