Major Benefits of Video Conferencing for Your Business
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Benefits of Video Conferencing: What It Brings to Your Business

Major Benefits of Video Conferencing for Your Business

Video conferencing is now an integral part of doing business. It has been fully embraced in the last year because of the coronavirus pandemic which is affecting the whole world. Even those who were skeptical about it before, now realize the full potential of this technology. In fact, 78% of corporate companies use video calling software for team meetings nowadays.

Whether your company is working remotely or has offices in multiple cities, video conferencing is there to keep you connected. As it has this ability to bring people together and improve efficiency, it’s not surprising that the value of video conferencing is expected to increase by 10% by 2027. But some experts predict that this figure will be bigger what with the increasing use of video conferencing.

If you haven’t already adopted this technology to stay in touch with your remote workers or partners, you’re probably thinking about it. And you’ll be in good company. As many as 43% remote and in-house teams use a video conferencing tool. They have begun leveraging it for various reasons. And, as you’re probably deciding whether it’s right for you, we want to take a look at the benefits of video conferencing.

Let’s see why businesses can’t exist without modern enterprise video communication tools!

Increasing Demand for Video Conferencing

The demand for video conferencing solutions is on the rise. This technology is now of paramount importance for many companies. In fact, video conferencing is becoming a core collaboration tool. For instance, 86% of companies conduct employee interviews over video calls. They are now only a few clicks away from meeting their potential team members and introducing their company’s values.

What’s more, video conferencing tools are cost-effective, which explains why businesses are so bent on using them. In fact, companies save $11,000 annually per employee by using these software. This is because employees don’t have to travel long distances — they can hold online meetings with people all around the world.

This growing demand for video conferencing is best seen in the use of some of the most popular tools today. Three apps experienced a boost in 2020, proving how vital they are when in-person meetings are no longer a possibility:

Now that we know that there’s a rise in the use of this technology, let’s go over a number of benefits of video conferencing. They will surely get you to understand why the whole world relies on these apps!

Top Benefits of Video Conferencing

Global communications tools have certainly evolved over the years. People can now get in touch with each other easily. They only need a device connected to the internet, a reliable app, and communication can begin! Of course, this is particularly useful for companies whose employees are working from home.

Businesses have seen that video technology can bridge a gap between them and their employees. That’s why they have begun utilizing it. Online meetings have the ability to facilitate learning and understanding. Not only that, but they can also strengthen existing relationships or encourage employees to get things done.

If your company is still using audio conferencing as a communication tool, read on to find out the benefits of video conferencing to see why you should make the shift!

Video Conferencing Is More Engaging Than Audio Conferencing

It’s no secret that video is the most engaging content type. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that humans process visual information better than any other type of data. So video is the way in today’s business world!

Of course, sometimes you don’t have any alternative and you need to stick to audio conferencing. This is perfectly fine. However, if you can make a choice between two forms of communication, we recommend that you always go with video. Why?

Well, video conferencing is a game changer and it takes any meeting to the next level. Also, it has the ability to change the entire feel of the meeting. Suddenly you and other participants aren’t miles away from each other — the sense of distance is removed because you can see and be seen. This increases engagement because participants are less likely to zone out or do other tasks while talking with you.

And that’s one of the main benefits of video conferencing!

Video Conferencing Improves Communication

According to Forbes, 62% of executives say that video conferencing significantly improves the quality of communication. Additionally, 50% of respondents believe that video conferencing improves the degree of understanding.

Regardless of the industry you’re operating in, having clear communication is vital. It helps team members understand projects, create expectations, and fulfill set goals. It’s way easier to have a talk with each other and agree on future plans than do everything over emails. This is what most experts highlight when talking about the benefits of video conferencing.

Furthermore, face-to-face interaction generates effective collaboration. And when you’re not able to talk with partners or employees in person, your business and communication don’t need to suffer. Just hold a video conference meeting and you won’t notice the difference!

Video Conferencing Builds Relationships

Audio conferencing is a useful tool when you don’t have any other option to connect with your partners or employees. However, don’t expect that it will establish a personal connection — only video conferencing can do that. There’s nothing that can connect you on a personal level better than the ability to talk to someone and see them in front of you.

Most people have read an email and thought they picked up on some emotion that wasn’t actually there. One of the benefits of video conferencing is that you won’t misunderstand the person you’re communicating with. It’s also harder to hide your emotions during video calls. Plus, you’ll be able to see whether the person is engaged or not. That’s something you can only guess during phone calls!

As a result, these interactions can help you build relationships and trust. Indeed, one survey revealed that 98% of respondents said that video conferencing built relationships both inside and outside the company.

Video Conferencing Gets Things Done

During a video call, you’re communicating with individuals in real-time. This means you can get things done on the spot and there’s no need to postpone anything. With video conferencing, you can get all questions answers and issues addresses. This facilitates the whole process, allowing your team members to focus on more important things because they don’t need to go back and forth to get a response.