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January 16, 2015
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January 23, 2015

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We have already mentioned in our previous post about video content marketing here, that video content is getting a bigger and bigger role every day now. Clearly that’s because of its unique impact on the audience. Because it offers so many ways in which you can make your video content intriguing and engage your potential clients. The fact that the top 100 brands have invested over $4B in creating video assets (1) only shows the importance of video in business and marketing nowadays. What’s more, predictions for 2015 suggest an even bigger presence of videos on all platforms. Last year we have seen FaceBook raising their interest in videos and this year Twitter will offer their option for videos. It’s safe to say nowadays video is a must for a successful business.
Now, let’s say you are making a beauty blog, or better yet you already have blog you run on WordPress (appropriate theme is set) but you need a solid strategy that will help you reach your goals…so, how can we at help you maximize your odds at success!?
Well, has got you covered when it comes to videos. I’m not gonna discuss how you should create your own content to put on blog. We all have a different take on the subject of content we like or think everyone else will like. No, I’m gonna explain the benefits you will have if you are using for your videos.
Technical. First of all is a free online video platform and there are no obligations and legal contracts that will consume your time. And with our Video Publishing Plugin you can easily set and quickly start uploading and managing videos from your home page dashboard.
Visual. Now you have set it all, use our intelligent skinning solution. Our unique algorithm will analyze your site colors, radius, fonts used, etc. and create an intelligent skin suited for your web page. Or you can choose from a variety of professional skins that we have if you want to bring something new and creative to your website. That will differ your blog and your video shares from others. It will make the video experience memorable and trendy, and we all know how much being trendy is important for stylish women who are visiting beauty blogs.
Money. That’s how you can improve the visual side of your blog, and what about revenue? Well, our player provides monetization options of your videos, so you can monetize your original videos via by lading pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll ads, and overlays. What more even if you have your Youtube channel you can generate additional video revenue on top of your existing one with
Display. Our player fits all scenarios and has native support for all major platforms. It has an extremely fast loading time which means your fans can enjoy quality of your video content on any device, anytime and anywhere. We all know that women are always in a hurry but still they need beauty tips anywhere they go.
Social. Did you know that 76 percent of U.S. adult women use Facebook, compared to only 66 percent of U.S. adult men (2)!? You can safely say that women spend most of their free time on social networks. Use this to your advantage. Your video is shareable directly through options on your video. It comes as a no-brainer that a great way to gather more fans is by posting your videos on social networks, and by using our skins you can additionally brand your beauty blog and animate your fans.
Give your fans a unique video experience. Make them visit your blog frequently. Engage them to share your beauty advices not just because of the quality of your content but smooth experience your video offer as well.