Banner Fallback With BridTV Any-Ad (TM) Ready for Monetization
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August 6, 2019
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High-Impact Banner Fallback – Any-Ad™

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BridTV enters the video advertising playing field with its first-to-market solution – Any-Ad™. Our in-house technology has been evolving and leading web publishers to new plains in terms of online monetization. The Intelligent Banner Fallback (a.k.a Any-Ad™) brings a variety of impressive features to the world of advertising technology.

For the past few years, video advertising and digital revenue has seen a massive jump. For instance, 2018 full year digital revenues surpassed $100 billion. Also, in 2018, Internet advertising revenues in the US amounted to $107.5 billion for the first time, with Q4 2018 accounting for $31.4 billion (approx.) and Q3 2018 accounting for $26.6 billion (approx.). This is why it is important to grab your slice of the pie and start monetizing in the best way possible – gaining maximum revenue with a powerful and yet affordable ads revenue platform by your side.

What exactly can Any-Ad™ help you achieve? To answer that, let’s take a look at some of the biggest advantages of our Intelligent Banner Fallback system:

  • Instantly monetize mobile and desktop traffic
  • Implement Any-Ad™ tech with minimum hassle
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Use a centralized monetization system

Upgrading the BridTV platform brought us to this unique solution, which is already our number one request from web publishers. We have created a way to allow both digital publishers and app developers to monetize and tweak their ad tech to ensure maximum revenue. The system is highly effective, extremely dynamic, flexible and lightweight. More importantly, when you use Any-Ad™ you can expect high-yield results.

Any-Ad™ & BridTV Analytics

Measuring the effectiveness of your video content or ad campaigns is vital. BridTV has gone to great lengths to construct a huge API and infrastructure that streamlines your business. Now you have accurate data for your online video business. As you dig into the data provided by BridTV Analytics you immediately get to feast your eyes on invaluable info about your creatives and relevant media.

In-Depth Metrics and Any-Ad Performance Tracking

Of course, the first time you setup any kind of business strategy, implementation and performance is one thing. Of course, you can leave room for potential trial and error. The video ad metrics we offer is just the ticket. When Any-Ad™ becomes your monetization tool, you’ll easily be able to monitor ad performance and every single aspect of your ad tech. Publishers can rely on BridTV’s high-quality analytics engine to track banner performance within the CMS. Viewability is also the name of the game here. Our Video Player was designed to be viewable, which means that your banners will also be viewable.

Beyond the 300×250 Ad Format

In addition to the default Any-Ad™ format, you’ll be glad to know that a variety of banner formats (including Google Ad Manager 360 passbacks) are on offer. The format has been optimized to run on all devices, browsers and operating systems – no restrictions or limitations of any kind.

Any-Ad™ + Sticky Player

Okay, so the biggest benefit of our intelligent banner fallback system is that it practically guarantees no revenue loss for publishers. The ad format also works perfectly when combined with the BridTV HMTL5 Video Player. This means that if you wish to implement additional and more complex features such as Sticky Player and other cool facets. The goal is to give you an opportunity to achieve a steady revenue stream, as well as stable and reliable monetization.