B2B Video Marketing Best Practices
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Marketers are lately exploring various ways for telling their stories through video marketing, by improving upon the old techniques and searching for the new ones. 73% of B2B marketers claim video positively impacts on marketing results and ROI. According to the same research, 96% of B2B respondents are engaged in video content marketing, and 41% of surveyed marketers plan to increase spending on video marketing. The basics of creating an effective  video marketing strategy is to review your company’s overall corporate strategy, your company’s core value, and promote it through the right channels to the target group. B2B videos centered around your solution to a specific customer problem are more effective at attracting and driving customers. So, be specific above anything else.

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Small Business Marketing Strategy

In the past two years or so, research has indicated that video has become the perfect medium for small businesses to promote their newly developed brands, whether it’s via live videos on their own web sites, through social media channels or just basically by using press releases and email. Having a solid small-business marketing strategy is key, and video content will help reach people a lot faster these days. Simply put, it’s almost impossible to perceive modern marketing without video, and if you stick to the formula, and if you’ve done everything right, then you should not have any problems with building brand awareness, improving traffic to your site, and so on.

Business owners and marketers must also be able to keep track of viewers’ demographics, and exactly how often have people been engaged with their video content. It’s also important to keep track of geographical locations, download data, social interactions, and so on. Analyzing data provides valuable insight so as to adjust marketing strategies and to know what works with your audiences and what doesn’t – and of course, it let’s you know which type of audience you’ve reached.

Video Content Marketing Trends

When coming up with a solid small-business marketing strategy you should be aware of the following video content marketing trends:

Emotion Beats Logic – Videos reach people quicker if they are based on human emotions, rather than a cold, calculating business model. So no matter how much you are set on profit or gaining publishers or clients, it’s vital to add a degree of emotion to your videos and that’s where clever marketing comes in. Bear in mind that if people make an easy connection to your videos, they will make a connection with your brand, and you might even master the art of making viral videos.

People Enjoy A Good Chuckle – Being funny and relaxed keeps people together, therefore it’s advisable to maintain a laidback and funny spirit in your videos.

Don’t Forget to Share – As as you’ve gained some traffic from your videos, chances are your band will soon be recognizable to people, but you won’t get far without sharing your video content and for that it’s best to stick with one of the many video sharing web sites, and mobile video apps.

Starting a Business Means Competition – No matter what you have set in place for your content marketing strategy, you have to be well aware of the fact the world of video creation is a highly competitive market that’s currently thriving. You’ll get a lot of competition from other experienced businesses and not to mention from user-created content. So, to cut a long story short, do not be afraid to take honest advice from the competition. For example, the following video (created by @Schmittastic) offers some very useful insight which encourages video making and YouTube marketing:

Initialize ads

Make Your Videos Short and To-the-Point – This has proved to be the number one ticket to making an impact with video content marketing – making short videos that stick to the subject matter and hook people in straight away.

More Hints on How to Make a B2B Video

First of all it’s important to define what type of high value will you promote with your video content that will,  in return, trigger your target audience to act.

Even though you are making a B2B video you need to tell a good story, something that will drag attention, inspire and engage viewers at the same time. Be creative when making your video and your audience will differ you from others and become your loyal customers. It’s always good if you can offer your fans something different, something fresh. Besides your core message and a call to action, video production can improve conversion rates dramatically. Using an online video platform that can stream your video to any device in high quality is the best choice for any business.

The duration of the video should be around 60 seconds, which is approximately 150-word script. The audience engagement drops after 60 seconds, particularly if customers are not familiar with your brand. The aim is to make a maximum impact in a minimum amount of time. So, as we’ve already said, keep it short and to-the-point.

Use Landing Page for your video. According to an Animoto study, 56% of consumers said that if a company has a website, it should feature some video content. Study results show consumers were 4X more interested in watching a product video than reading about that same product. Eye View Digital study reports that videos on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%. So stick a video on your homepage or better yet landing page and you will engage your audience and make them stay longer on your website. Accompanied with appropriate pictures and text it really is a perfect way to demonstrate the benefits of your product or service in a brief, effective, and informative way.

When embedding your videos on your web page, use online video platform to brand your video content and help you brand your product additionally and improve your video SEO.

Learn by example

Ok, we’ve covered the basics, now what about creatives? Learn from others. Analyze what worked for them and how can you apply it on creating your video marketing strategy. Here are one of the most popular examples of B2B video marketing campaigns:

This video is all about bringing out the brand personality, on a humorous, inventive and creative way. Though New Relic is an analytics tool, through this video the service succeed in making a successful video marketing campaign by differentiating it from the competition and delivering a unique and an interesting video content.

One of the most popular B2B videos that gained a huge popularity is Childlike Imagination – What My Mom Does at GE. It’s about a journey into a child’s imagination as she envisions all the amazing things her Mom makes as an employee at GE. This video has generated more than 2 million video views. The secret of its success lay in the power of storytelling. Through the story of a child, we were being told a the story of  General Electric, its main products or services. This is a perfect example of  building up a closer  relationship with your  future customers.

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