Uros Stanimirovic, Author at BRID TV


December 2, 2021

Brid.TV Looking Into a Contextual Targeting Solution for Video Advertisers

Great news for publishers! Brid.TV is exploring a new contextual targeting solution for video advertisers using Amazon Rekognition machine learning technology.
December 1, 2021

What Is the Best Audio Codec for Online Video and Live Streaming?

Choosing the best audio codec for online video and live streaming is essential for ensuring the best sound quality for your viewers.
November 26, 2021

How to Get Started With Digital Video Advertising

Learn everything you need to know about the value digital video advertising can bring to your brand and why you should include it in your next marketing campaign!
November 19, 2021

How to Boost Video Viewership and Ad Revenue Through Better Video Discovery

Retaining viewers by boosting your video discoverability is an underused but effective way of increasing your video views and ad revenue.
November 19, 2021

Boost Video Views With Brid.TV — an HTML5 Player With Advanced Video Content Matching

Brid.TV's advanced video content matching system identifies and serves related video recommendations with the highest possible accuracy to boost publishers' video views and user engagement.
November 5, 2021

What Is H.264 Video Codec and How It’s Shaping the Online Video World

Learn why H.264 video codec has become the world’s most-used video compression standard for online video in this in-depth H.264 overview.
November 3, 2021

Everything Advertisers Should Know About In-Banner Video Ads

Learn everything you need to know about in-banner video ads in this extensive guide.
October 29, 2021

12 Types of Marketing Video Content Your Audience Will Love

Coming up with ideas for marketing videos can be daunting at times. Here are some types of video content you can make to help you overcome creator's block.
October 26, 2021

Brid.TV Platform Update 5.9.0. — Live Stream DVR Support

Check out all the improvements to our live streaming feature that came with the 5.9.0. update.