April 14, 2021
what is ad yield

What Is Ad Yield and How to Optimize It

Learn everything you need to know about ad yield and how to manage and optimize it properly to maximize your revenue.
April 13, 2021
why video is the future of content marketing

Why Video Is Content of the Future for Marketers

Learn why video is currently sitting on the throne of content marketing.
April 9, 2021
ultimate guide to programmatic advertising bridtv

The Ultimate Guide to Programmatic Advertising in 2021

This extensive programmatic advertising guide contains everything you need to know about programmatic advertising technology and how to get started with it.
April 8, 2021 player becomes even faster

Brid.TV’s Lightweight Player Becomes Even Faster

Great news for publishers! We've just made our player even faster.
April 6, 2021 platform update 5.6.8.

Brid.TV Platform Update 5.6.8. — Custom Sticky Player and More

Find out what new features, improvements, and bug fixes came with the Brid.TV 5.6.8. platform update.
April 1, 2021 easter promo

Join a Premium Video Platform at Special Prices This Easter

Start hosting, encoding, and monetizing your videos at special prices this Easter.
March 19, 2021
Social Media Video Marketing BridTV

Social Media Video Marketing — What to Focus on in 2021

Social media video marketing is larger than ever. Here are the platforms you should focus on in 2020.
March 18, 2021
video content marketing

Everything You Need to Know to Start With Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing is a powerful but still underutilized tool useful at any stage of the marketing funnel. Here's a in-depth guide that covers everything from planning out to launching and perfecting a video marketing campaign!
March 11, 2021
overcoming youtube tax policy changes

Overcome YouTube Tax Policy Changes With a Premium Video Platform

Recently announced YouTube tax policy changes will negatively impact many creators and businesses outside the U.S. There has never been a better time to turn toward premium video platforms than now.