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November 28, 2017
Get Your Video Player Ready For Christmas
December 21, 2017

Async Embed Code Support for BridTV Video Player and Outstream Units

Our latest video platform release is all about speed and performance. If you have been agitated by having render-blocking JavaScript for embed codes in your page-speed tests, today we’re changing that with our new async embed codes support for video player and outstream units.

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As part of a series of speed and performance improvements, we’ve made changes to our embed code options. By default, every JavaScript file that loads blocks the rendering of the rest of the page. No matter how small the file size is, this impacts the performance of your page because the browser needs to wait until the file is loaded before it can start rendering the rest.

To speed things up we’ve released async embed code that will asynchronously load our player, allowing the rest of the page to render simultaneously and significantly improve your website performance.

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How to get an Async Embed Code?

Just grab embed code as you would before but make sure that the LOAD ASYNCHRONOUSLY checkbox is enabled when grabbing embeds.

Async embed code and the rest of our speed and performance enhancements (mostly under the hood of our video player) will surely bring you faster page loads, at all times, across all devices and browsers.
The rest of the notable BridTV video platform updates:

  1. After a lengthy wait from the Google Team, we have finally got a green light from them and we provide Google AMP embed codes for our Brid in-content outstream units.
  2. We have changed embed codes that we provide from the CMS for Facebook Instant Articles to an iframe wrapper method. We find this is easier for publishers to implement instead of the iframe generator method. Do keep in mind, you can still use the iframe generator method if you so wish as it is still fully supported.
  3. Our stay-in-view option for our player is now upgraded to allow users to choose a specific corner to which the player should sticky.
  4. Added some minor changes to the player to have better support for Facebook Instant Articles.
  5. We upgraded our DB backend to some beefier servers for improved performance in our CMS.
  6. Fixed a rare bug in the player where parts of the players share and playlist buttons would be visible on mobile when the player would sticky to a corner of a screen.

If you’re interested in taking a test drive of all of our PREMIUM platform features please contact us here.