Monetize Your Inventory via Google ADX and BridTV Ad Backfill

Brid.TV Marketplace

Implement Video Ads on Your Website to Drive Revenue and Monetize Your Videos.

What Is Brid.TV Marketplace?

Brid.TV Marketplace is a video ad provider that enables publishers to easily implement video ads on their website, monetize their videos, and maximize ad revenue. All you have to do is sign up to the service and implement our ad tags on your site to start making money! Already have a video ad provider? Don’t worry; you can still use Brid.TV Marketplace! Easily implement our video ad tags on top of your existing ones and monetize more! That is right — you can use Brid.TV Marketplace even if you already have a video monetization solution.

Ads Marketplace

State-Of-The-Art Programmatic Advertising

Our publishers enjoy all the benefits of everything the latest programmatic advertising technology has to offer.


High Fill Rates & eCPM

Enjoy optimal ad revenue with high fill rates and eCPM using our state-of-the-art video ad delivery system.


Mobile Web and Desktop Monetization Support

Deliver video ads reliably and securely across mobile and desktop devices.


Track Ad Performance With Brid.TV Marketplace Dashboard

Track impressions, ad requests, eCPM, fill rates, revenue, and viewability through our Marketplace dashboard to make informed decisions and optimize your ad campaign on the go.


Reliable Video Ad Backfill

Always have a backup when your ad calls come up empty with our reliable video ad backfill.


Dedicated Ad Optimization Team

Receive a dedicated ad optimization team that works around the clock to help you manage, optimize, and make the most of your ad inventory..


Transparent Automated Reporting

Enjoy total revenue transparency from our ad management team and stay up to date with your campaign’s progress with our automated daily reporting.


Seamless Integration With Brid.TV Video Platform

Integrate Brid.TV Marketplace with our Brid.TV video platform through our user-friendly video CMS and use it as a reliable ad backfill tool on top of your existing first-party ad stacks.

Our Partners

Ads Marketplace

Our partnership with one of the leading names in the advertising industry, SpringServe, ensures publishers maximize their advertising opportunities.

Ads Marketplace

Brid.TV Marketplace prides itself on being a Google Ad Manager 360 certified external vendor. Thanks to this partnership, our publishers can boost their video strategy and ad revenue through Google AdX.

Ads Marketplace

Our partnership with Rubicon Project helps our clients increase their ad backfill, boosting eCPM and fill rates even further.

Revenue Sharing Model

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    Questions About How It Works.

    1How does Brid.TV ad backfill work?
    The Brid.TV backfill comes into play only if your own first-party ad demand comes up empty. It won’t influence your existing ad stack; it will only add to it.
    2Can I use the Brid.TV Marketplace without my own ad stack?
    Yes, you can use Brid.TV Marketplace to monetize your videos and achieve high fill rates without having your own ad stacks. Our experts will handle all your monetization while you concentrate on your video content management.
    3How do I track my revenue?
    If you’re using our Brid.TV video player, you can track impressions, ad requests, eCPM, fill rates, revenue, and viewability through our Marketplace dashboard. If you aren’t using the Brid.TV player, you can track your ad revenue through our daily automated reports
    4How do I get paid?
    We pay on a NET60 basis, and we require you to accumulate at least $100 (US) on your account.
    5Can I use my own ad stack with Brid.TV Marketplace?
    Yes, the Brid.TV Marketplace allows you to use any ad stack. It will only come into play after your demand fails to return an ad.
    6How are payments made?
    Payments are made via PayPal or direct bank transfer.